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To maintain high quality and reliable printer service from your Linx printing product, it is crucial that scheduled printer servicing is carried out properly and when required. The time between each scheduled maintenance will vary depending on the type of marking and coding equipment, and also the amount of use. Linx printing products are designed to prompt you when a scheduled printer maintenance is expected, so you can plan for the work to be completed.

If your Linx printing product requires scheduled maintenance or you have a technical problem, please contact us.

Maintaining Linx machines

Routine maintenance

All Linx marking and coding machines require a basic level of routine printer maintenance to maximize performance and reliability. The instructions on how to perform this industrial printer maintenance are detailed in the support documentation, which is supplied with the product. Routine maintenance is also covered during installation training.

Scheduled maintenance

The majority of Linx industrial printers require scheduled maintenance after a certain period of time, which varies depending on the type of Linx Printer and also the level of usage. Linx printing technologies are designed to remind you when a service is due, so that you can plan for the work to be completed when needed. If your Linx printer requires scheduled maintenance, or you are unsure about routine industrial printer maintenance, please contact us.

Ordering spare parts

We provide a complete range of spare parts for all our current coding and marking printing equipment. We are also committed to supporting older Linx printers and products for as long as is practical; for a minimum period of five years, and often for much longer. To maximize the reliability and performance of your Linx product, we recommend that you always use genuine Linx parts.

To order printer spare parts for your Linx printer, please contact Linx and we will put you in touch with your local distributor.  We recommend that you arrange for your Linx distributor to fit printer spare parts, unless you have received Linx training to advanced maintenance level.

LINK: Find out more about Linx training for your operators and engineers.

Training for your operators and engineers

Linx global coding specialists and Linx Distributor partners offer a range of training courses to help Linx customers train engineers, meeting the needs of production line personnel through to experienced production engineers. After our expert and professional training, your employees will be certified by Linx Printing Technologies to operate and maintain your marking and coding printers.

For more information and to arrange training, please contact Linx or your local distributor