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Laser Coders

Linx laser marking machines and coding systems are ideal for high print volumes - such as food, drink and pharmaceutical products - while providing permanent traceability.

Linx laser coders offer any-orientation coding alongside full touch-screen control, low maintenance costs and zero consumables - providing an affordable and effective solution compared to other products on the market.


Linx CSL10

10W - Economical yet versatile, with easy installation

Applications & Materials 

Broad materials support incl. Glass | Barcodes | Batch coding | Data Matrix & QR codes | Up to 900 m/min | Print unlimited lines of text

Key Benefits:

  • Handles variety of simple to complex code types
  • Easy setup, with touchscreen message management
  • Laser tube lifespan estimated at 45k hours

CASE STUDY: Linx CSL10 enhances quality assurance for NCI Packaging

Linx CSL30

Linx CSL30

30W - For high-speed marking of complex codes

Applications & Materials 

Variety of materials incl. Glass, Rubber | Barcodes | Batch coding | Data Matrix, QR and dot codes | Up to 900 m/min | Print unlimited lines of text

Key Benefits:

  • Flexible solution, configurable to coding requirements
  • Quick to deploy and transfer to new lines
  • Multiple beams allow for coding at any orientation

CASE STUDY: Linx CSL30s provide clearm quality codes for Bruichladdich Distillery Co.

CSL60 on production line

Linx CSL60

60W - Flexible solution for high-speed retail coding

Applications & Materials 

Materials support incl. Glass, Rubber | For harsh environments | Barcodes | Batch coding | Data Matrix & QR codes | Up to 900m/min | Print unlimited lines of text

Key Benefits:

  • Ideal for beverage, automotive industries & more
  • Over 20,000 configurations to meet code requirements
  • Code up to 70,000 bottles per hour
Linx SL1

Linx SL1

10W - Conveniently compact and cost-effective coder

Applications & Materials 

Wide range of materials | Barcodes | Data Matrix, QR & dot matrix codes | Compact product lines | Mix codes in one message

Key Benefits:

  • Suited to compact and constrained production lines
  • Mirror system enables super-fast coding
  • No consumables or regular servicing requirements

CASE STUDY: The Linx SL1 laser coding solution for Huhtamaki

Linx FSL20 and FSL50 range

Linx FSL20 and FSL50

20W/50W - Quality codes for fine print & small components

Applications & Materials 

Wide materials support: metal, rubber, plastic, foil | Barcodes | Data Matrix & QR codes | Up to 6,000 mm/s | Print unlimited lines of text

Key Benefits:

  • Finer spot size created higher-quality codes
  • Ideal for large volume and small area coding
  • Well-suited to medical, automotive and electronics sectors


120W - The fastest speeds, with no compromise on quality

Applications & Materials 

Range of material marking: glass, plastic, rubber, labels | Harsh environments | Barcodes | Data Matrix codes

Key Benefits:

  • Equipped with large area marking functionality
  • No need for consumables, reducing ongoing costs 
  • Fast, complex coding for medical, automotive, alcohol/tobacco industries & more

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