For over 35 years, Linx has been industry leading printing technology solutions provider, manufacturing coding and marking machines. We serve customers from various industries and help to improve their productivity, save costs, and protect their brands. Find out how we work with your industry and which coding and marking printers are most suitable for your coding needs.



Specialist beverage coding machines with IP55 and IP65 ratings.


Meeting the current and future food safety legislation and standards is crucial.

Food Industry

Printers for paper labels, cardboard and plastic food packaging, bottles, and even directly onto food products themselves such as eggs or cheese.

Cosmetics and Toiletries

Our solutions can help meet legislation and reduce your overall production costs across many different pack formats and material types.


Coding and marking for extrusions need to be as flexible as possible to account for the variety of materials manufacturers might produce.

Wire and Cable

Accurate coding and marking using small characters for reliable traceability and product identification, even onto fibre optic cables.


Award winning chemical coding solutions that are reliable and easy to use.


Solutions for a variety of substrates used in both primary and secondary packaging coding and marking.


A modern vehicle contains thousands of individual components, each of which may need a specific part number.

Baked Goods

Coding solutions for a broad range of packaging types: bread bags and closures, cartons and flexible film, bags and pouches


Meeting the demand for different types of plastic pack, in addition to the traditional paper or card outer wrappers.


Coding and marking solutions for the construction industry since 1987.

Contract Packaging

We can support challenges such as handling a range of products and packs, and operating to tight timescales.


Solutions suitable for the complex, and often delicate, manufacture of circuit boards, electronic components, and wires.


Packaging of perishable goods such as fish require fast, efficient solutions, and that includes your coding equipment.


Coding and marking equipment can play a significant part in ensuring you are ready for the opportunities lying ahead.

Medical & Protective Equipment

Meet regulatory requirements with clear and consistent batch or date coding of medical products and equipment


Accurate and legible codes for high-speed production lines.

Ready Meals

Meet diverse customer and legislative requirements for printed codes.

Snack Foods

Ensure your product coding keeps up with requirements for messaging and branding on Retail Ready Packing (RRP)


Reliable marking of tobacco products; be it discreet, anti-counterfeiting marking measures or high-speed coding of complex messaging.


A modern vehicle contains thousands of individual components, each of which may need a specific part number.