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Reliable & Flexible Coding Solutions

Our coding and marking printers help meet a number of challenges faced by the food packaging industry, including batch codingbarcode application, and more.

High-quality, legible codes which stay in place throughout the product’s lifetime to help meet the required food coding and marking standards, and also protect your brand. Large colour touch screens with graphical interfaces make code setup and selection quick and error-free, meaning fewer operator errors and product recalls.  High-speed coding capabilities plus versatile coders with carton coding features for both primary and secondary printing with one printer. While a range of IP ratings for continual, reliable operation in a food packaging coding environment, self-service models requiring no service engineer visits can increase productivity by reducing downtime and maximising line efficiencies.

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Reliable coding even in the challenging baked goods production

The baked goods industry presents many challenges to manufacturers, from a broad variety of packaging types to dusty production environments that test the reliability of your packing line equipment.

With little chance to rework or recode baked products, first-time code accuracy is important; this includes error-free code setup as well as code legibility and durability during end-use. Linx printers are easy to use without complicated menu systems, making code setup and selection quick and simple.

As the baked goods industry experiences more product diversification – such as healthier, sugar and gluten-free options – so the packaging requirements become broader, meaning your coding equipment must keep up with the changes.

Whether you’re looking to improve the productivity of your line, or need a quality coding solution for the diverse range of packaging types found in the baked goods industry, Linx can provide a solution to meet your specific needs.

Maintain uptime and control costs in snack foods production

The snack food industry is changing as on-the-move snacks grow in popularity, and legislation developments mean there is an increased need for messaging and branding on Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) such as boxes and shelf packaging. Coded information on RRP should include expiry date details and batch codes for traceability. Food labelling requirements have led to RRP, such as boxes for retail shelves, now including branded messages, standardised logos, and iconography to help products stand out on the shelf.

Snack food manufacturers need to be increasingly flexible in order to avoid costly downtime. Our TIJ coders save time by being easy to install straight out of the box. The Linx 10 CIJ printer is compact and portable and incorporates a simple-to-use, colour touch-screen to reduce downtime by removing the need for complicated, lengthy manuals.

Save money by replacing preprinted boxes or labels with a Linx large character coder. Code large, high-resolution graphics onto secondary packaging, as well as batch codes, barcodes and readable 2D codes. These printers can also print traceability information, to help track products’ paths, conform to legislation, avoid fines and provide reassurance to retailers.

Our range of Linx 10 and Linx 8900 CIJ printers are self-service which makes it cleaner and easier to replace, further lowering your costs. Low-maintenance coders can save your business a lot of downtimes, whilst their ability to print both primary and secondary codes saves time and money.

Versatile solutions for coding and marking on ready meals

Coding and marking in the ready meals and frozen foods sector places multiple demands on your equipment. Cold, dry and washdown environments bring with them the risk of water ingress to your production equipment, affecting their reliability and risking downtime. With margins already tight, you can help protect your line against downtime with the right choice of coder.

The increasing diversification of packaging shapes and materials, from plastic tubs and bags to card sleeves and cartons, is helping manufacturers achieve shelf stand-out in a growing industry. This in turn challenges the versatility of your coding equipment to print consistently accurate batch codes onto an expanding range of packaging.

Ready-meals and frozen food manufacturers across the world choose Linx printers for their ease of use, versatility, and reliability.

Our Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers have easy-to-use, icon-led touch screens for quick and accurate code selection and creation which help to reduce coding errors with prompted fields for message creation. Store several line settings and quickly retrieve them when printers are moved between lines to help meet diverse customer and legislative requirements for printed codes – print up to 5 lines of clear, legible date and batch codes, barcodes and logos. Plus high speed variants for coding online speeds up to 6.25m/s

Stainless steel, IP55-rated enclosures support continual, reliable operation in washdown environments, our self-cleaning printheads ensure clean startups, first time every time, and self-servicing and quick, clean cartridge refills keep downtime to a minimum.

Specialist CIJ inks include a grease-penetrating ink which adheres to food packaging. Print in any orientation with a choice of conduit lengths and right-angled printheads – easy to position on your line and integrate with packaging equipment.

In addition, our range of outer case coders produces large, high-quality printing onto secondary card boxes to replace labels and pre-printed packaging.

Printing directly onto food

Our coding and marking solutions for printing directly onto food include dedicated printers using Linx food-grade inks for coding onto ingestible food packages and products. Linx food printing systems are complete solutions which quickly and cost-effectively resolve food product markings needs.

Linx’s Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers are perhaps the most cost-effective choice for food marking and coding. A wide range of food-grade inks available from Linx contains only edible raw materials, meaning that you can safely print onto food products with solutions that conform to US and EU regulations. Renowned for their reliability and clean operation, and are flexible enough to cope with long hours of product identification onto food and packaging.

Quality food coding across a range of packaging materials

Whether you want to print directly onto food product packaging or code onto secondary packaging that your food products are going into, Linx has a solution to suit your products and production set-up.


Specialist beverage coding machines with IP55 and IP65 ratings.


Meeting the current and future food safety legislation and standards is crucial.


Meeting the demand for different types of plastic pack, in addition to the traditional paper or card outer wrappers.

Printer Types for Food Industry

Our printers for food packaging are suitable for coding on a full range of packaging materials used by food manufacturers, including paper labels, cardboard and plastic packaging, bottles, and even directly onto food products themselves such as eggs or cheese.

Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) Printers

Linx 8900 Series Continuous Inkjet Printer

 CIJ can print on almost any substrate, and there is a wide range of inks available. CIJ can print from one to multiple lines of text and simple graphics on line speeds of up to 6.25m/s for a single line of code.

The compact printhead can be situated above, beside or beneath a production line or traverse from side to side across the line. With lighter models, the CIJ printer is capable of being moved quickly from line to line and is fast to install and set up. The technology can provide the ideal solution to enable start-ups and growing businesses to move from manual coding to digital printing methods in order to produce the type of quality codes demanded by the retail sector.

Linx CIJ Printing solutions can help to maximise production time between multiple SKUs with quick, error-free code changeovers while line setups can be stored and retrieved for repeat work.

The Linx 8900 Series printers are designed to make operation and efficiency easier than ever and will support your business with:  

  • Meeting your output targets 
  • Reliable, continual operation 
  • Traceability of your products   
  • Meeting compliance requirements 

Laser Coders

Linx CSL Series Laser Coder

Laser marking involves no ink in the coding process and therefore no drying time or risk of smudging. 

Laser coders are suitable for a wide range of substrates at any line speed. Benefits include increased uptime, higher speed capability and the fact there is no use of consumables.

Steered beam laser systems are highly versatile as they provide clear, consistent and perfectly formed characters in a variety of fonts and message formats, and enable the use of high-quality graphics and logos over relatively large print areas.

They are particularly suitable where high-quality codes are required, for example, to blend in with the style of pre-printed packaging. 

Advances in technology and efficiency have led to a significant reduction in the initial purchase price. In addition, the low cost of ownership due to no consumables and relatively low maintenance means laser coders are a viable choice for many dairy applications.

  • Minimal maintenance, low downtime, high-speed capability and no consumables – cost-effective solution
  • Codes can be incorporated within a pre-printed packaging
  • Highly versatile as they provide clear, consistent and perfectly formed characters in a variety of fonts and message formats, even over relatively large print areas

Large Character Marking (LCM) printers

Ideal for high resolution, large character coding onto secondary food packaging, Linx IJ355 and IJ375 are large character outer packaging printing machines. 

They offer a cost-effective alternative to labels and pre-printed box marking codes such as barcodes, QR codes, best-before dates, product ID’s and logos onto primary, secondary or tertiary packaging. 

They can print directly onto cardboard, carton boxes or paper as well as other porous materials with a small or large printing area.

Using a Large Character Marking (LCM) solution to code on the packaging of your product helps to speed up the production process and reduce costs by eliminating expensive labels and staff requirements.

Inks and Solvents for Food Industry

Our wide range of specialist inks for CIJ printers includes plastic adherent inks and low-odour non-MEK inks. Linx Black PE Ink 1130 offers excellent adhesion to polyethene (PE) and most polypropylene (PP) applications and is suitable for non-contact food packaging in line with Swiss Ordinance 817.023.021, the European reference for food packaging printer inks.

Manufacturing quality standards 

Linx food-grade fluids are manufactured in dedicated food-grade facilities and are bottled under very carefully controlled conditions to avoid any risk of contamination with non-food-grade substances. All Linx CIJ printers manufactured for use with food-grade ink are manufactured and tested in dedicated facilities.

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Specialist beverage coding machines with IP55 and IP65 ratings.


Meeting the current and future food safety legislation and standards is crucial.


Meeting the demand for different types of plastic pack, in addition to the traditional paper or card outer wrappers.


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