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Linx Printernet

Linx Printernet

Always connected to your coding

Linx Printernet allows you to see the real-time status of your Linx printers, anytime, anywhere, and remotely control them - keeping you connected to your line and enabling you to perform coding operations more efficiently.

The Linx technical support team can also monitor your printers' performance, enabling us to help keep your printers running smoothly.

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Key benefits

Respond when you need to
  • Always know the status of your Linx printers, and know what is being printed with real-time printer monitoring
  • Real-time email notifications and fluid alerts inform you of any printers needing your attention, enabling faster reaction time and maximising uptime.
Be ready for job changeovers
  • Estimate when a production run is due to finish with remote print count, enabling fast, efficient job changeovers.
Always have control
  • Have complete control of your printer whenever you need to, from anywhere, with remote printer connection.

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Linx Printernet Datasheet

Linx Printernet Datasheet

Download Datasheet
Linx Printernet Security & FAQs Datasheet

Linx Printernet Security & FAQs Datasheet

Download Datasheet
Linx Printernet Video

Linx Printernet Video

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"It’s good: Simple to quickly view what’s happening. Its definitely easier than having to walk the lines when I can see it all from up here (in the office). Other line leaders use it when I’m not on site".

Do you need to check the current message being printed?

Linx Printernet allows you to view the current message being printed, so you always know what the machine is coding and if it is correct.


Do you ever run out of ink or solvent for your printer?

Linx Printernet can alert you when you are running low of fluids in a printer so you can be prepared to refill, eliminating downtime.


Do you want to be able to back up your machines?

Linx Printernet can store your printer settings and messages securely in the cloud, enabling you to quickly restore your machine.


Does your team ever need help setting up messages?

Linx Printernet enables our technical support to help get your messages set up and printing quickly.

Do your operators ever ignore printer warnings?

Linx Printernet can alert you or your technical team by email, so that you can avert potential problems before they arise.

Do you worry that you may not be using the printer in the best way?

Our technical support team can monitor your printer’s health, advise you how to run it more efficiently, and identify any preventative maintenance.

Key Features & Benefits

Monitor the job
  • View the priner status – Printing, Idle, Offline, Unable to print, Fault, Requires Attention
  • View the current message being printed.
Monitor your line
  • View the job status of each machine – print count
  • View current log – view who has used the printer and when 
  • View message history – view what was printed and when it was printed.
Maintain uptime and control
  • View on-screen printer warnings
  • Receive real-time email notifications
  • Select who receives which alerts
  • View ink/solvent status 
  • View when maintenance is due
  • Connect remotely – complete control of the printer from any location.
Maintain your printer
  • View printer warnings
  • Monitor printer health
  • Back up and restore – printer settings stored safely in a secure cloud.
Linx support

Linx Technical Support Team can:

  • Monitor printer performance
  • Alert to any issues
  • Advise on preventative maintenance
  • Provide assistance in message creation
  • Understand and diagnose problems
  • Remote-fix or obtain full diagnostics
  • Remotely connect to your printer – with your permission only.

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