Quick and easy Linx PrinterNet self-installation

When Plant Engineer, Mark Hargraves, learned about Linx PrinterNet, the Linx Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution, he was keen to take the opportunity to introduce a new monitoring system to the DBK management team.

“Having a system like this on site is great to show the management team what is available.” – Mark Hargraves, Plant Engineer

An experienced engineer, Mark chose to carry out the installation of PrinterNet himself, happy to learn a new skill and impressed that there was no need to call out a Linx engineer.

Supported by a Linx engineer and with some simple notes to follow Mark successfully completed the self-installation in less than 15 minutes.

“It was a quick and simple thing to do” – Mark Hargraves, Plant Engineer

Linx PrinterNet experience

Since having PrinterNet installed DBK have benefitted from the Linx monitoring service. Having seen signs of variability in one of the technical characteristics of the printer one of the Linx Technical Support team contacted DBK to ask them to check the print quality. In this case, the printer had corrected itself and there was no impact on print quality. DBK commented that being prompted when something could go wrong is very helpful and proactive. Plus, with Linx having having remote access to the printers means “There’s no need to rely on an engineer to come to site.”

What is the main benefit of PrinterNet? 

“The printer monitoring service provided by Linx.”

Will IIoT change the way manufacturing companies work? 

Definitely, is the positive response from DBK who are keen to implement the automated fluid reordering feature to reduce the chance of errors made when placing orders causing supplies to run low.

“The fluid reordering feature is a useful tool and one less thing to worry about.”

And for the future? 

“IIoT will be required from other suppliers for future production lines”


DBK Technitherm Ltd’s site in South Wales is one of several global subsidiaries of the DBK Group, Germany. A family owned company who manufacture Thermal management systems, the UK site manufactures industrial heating and cooling solutions including heating elements for tumble driers.

The long-term Linx customer is currently using Linx 8900 printers on two production lines running 2 shifts of 8 hours, 5 days a week. DBK use the printers to code their customers’ part numbers, voltage and wattage information plus line number, date and time information onto the elements.

Company information: www.dbk-group.co.uk