Linx robust CIJ printhead

Key benefits to your line


No daily adjustments: Linx printheads are purposely sealed, protecting critical components from damage.

  • Minimal risk to your production line. No daily interaction and interventions means the risk of associated issues is minimised
  • Critical components are protected from knocks due to the robust sealed design
  • No adjustments needed, no fragile or moving parts
  • No need to replace parts, no screws or parts to move
  • Risk of damage to exposed components is eliminated. Other printheads can be fragile and need repairs, Linx’s is robust.


No regular manual cleaning: Linx printheads save you valuable time. Less physical cleaning means more time to be productive elsewhere.

  • Minimal manual cleaning. AutoFlush technology automatically cleans the printhead for you
  • Less physical cleaning means more time to be productive in the important areas elsewhere
  • Less impact on the environment. Less cleaning means less fluid materials used, meaning less impact on the environment.
  • Reduced chemical contact and odour. Less cleaning means fewer open bottles and cleaning materials, making it safer for you and your staff.
Linx AutoFlush Automatic Printhead Cleaning
Reducing the need for manual cleaning typically to as little as four times a year.

Why the Linx printhead is unique

Intelligent printhead system

The Linx printhead automatically adjusts to changing environmental conditions, giving consistent print quality from start to finish. The temperature and jet speed is measured in the head, in real-time, allowing the system to automatically make instantaneous adjustments to keep the print quality clear and consistent.

Other printers don’t measure jet speed in the head and therefore can’t react so quickly. Viscosity in other printers is often measured in the printer not in the printhead, meaning adjustment is slower, resulting in poor and variable print.

Linx AutoFlush Process

AutoFlush automatic cleaning system automatically cleans the printhead on startup and shutdown, meaning less interaction. At each startup and shutdown the printer runs a unique AutoFlush routine to clean the printhead from the inside, producing zero solvent waste.

Linx AutoFlush automatic printhead cleaning process

Robust Printhead

Hermetically sealed so that all the critical components are built and then sealed, providing protection from liquids, knocks and the manufacturing environment. The method we use to seal the printhead reduces downtime as it makes high voltage tracking (EHT trips) in the head less frequent.


Linx AutoFlush Process

Linx Automatic Printhead Cleaning
Explainer Video

Linx AutoFlush Process
Technical Video

Further innovative printhead technology features

Unique curved plate

  • The plates in the printhead have been specifically designed curved and not angular, reducing the concentration of charge and the likelihood of ink build up and EHT trips
  • Curved surfaces means the printhead runs for longer, minimising the risk of ink build up on the surfaces where the charge is concentrated, and minimising downtime

Printhead options

  • Midi – 62 micron nozzle for legible characters that meet everyday traceability requirements
  • Midi Plus – larger nozzle where bolder print is required and for higher performance with pigmented inks
  • Right-angled variant – to fit into tighter spaces
  • Micro – for very small print (Linx 7900 Series)
  • Mini – for higher speed printing (Linx 7900 Series)

Flexible conduit

  • Hydrogen peroxide resistant conduit option
  • Conduit designed with two pipes instead of one, for additional flexibility
  • Range of conduit lengths available


  • Print speeds up to 10 m/s
  • Prints up to 6 lines

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