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Linx Leasing Agreement

Leasing with Linx will give you the flexibility to have the latest technology to help your business flourish. We handle our finance lease ourselves! Meaning no more waiting days or weeks for approval. Our in house financing we can ensure a faster process.

Our printer leasing and finance options are designed to help customers who need a new batch coder quickly but may not have the capital readily available.


Why Choose Linx Finance Service?


Linx Finance

Business Flexibility

Keep up to date

Customised to you

 No third party involved! We handle the finance agreements in house

 Help your business grow by keeping capital in!

 With flexible access to new technology this will increase efficiency and productivity 


Our payment plans are designed to suit around you.

Choose to pay monthly, quarterly over 3-5 years

At the end of the lease, you have three options…

  1. Don’t want the printer anymore? No problem, we will take it away for free
  2. Want a brand new printer? Start a new lease with us
  3. You want to own the equipment? End of lease agreement *


Prices vary according to specification required, so please contact Linx for a quote.


 Talk to a Leasing Agent

*subject to final lease payment