Key benefits

  • Graphics can be accurately reproduced with vector-generated codes
  • High power of the laser means a shorter dwell time on the product
  • Air-cooled – no factory air required
  • Large scan area for multiple lines of code/graphics
  • IP56 rating ensures reliable operation in harsh production environments
  • Internal air cooling system for increased efficiency and less maintenance
  • Air-cooled – no factory air or water required
  • Efficient use of the laser source prolongs the life of the laser tube
  • No ongoing consumable costs


SLHP Datasheet

Laser Coding Solutions Brochure

Laser Marking Technologies

How Linx Laser Solution Can Help Your Business

Technical Specifications

Marking Formats

  • High quality codes
  • Large area marking capability
  • Simple alphanumeric codes
  • Multi-line codes
  • GS1
  • Bar codes
  • 2D Data Matrix
  • Accurate reproduction of complex graphics, logos, symbols


  • Static and ‘on the fly’ coding
  • High speed beverage lines on glass, plastic and labels
  • High speed and complex pharmaceutical coding
  • Anti-counterfeiting e.g automotive, high value perfumes/spirits, tobacco
  • Wide range of materials including rubber, glass, PET, PVC


  • Comprehensive and versatile
  • Multiple EU display languages included
  • Time/date stamp
  • Incremental fields
  • Text orientation
  • 3 level password protection
  • 2 channel quad encoder input
  • Flash memory backup
  • RS232 interface
  • Windows® operating system

Physical Characteristics

  • Laser – single sealed CO2
  • Average coding power – 120 watts
  • Beam delivery –  7 knuckle articulated arm for optimal integration
  • IP rating – IP56 marking head and supply unit
  • Cooling – Integral air cooling; water cooled option for high duty applications
  • Supply voltage – 200-240v 50/60 Hz Single or Bi-phase
  • Integral QWERTY keypad; remote keypad option