Request Your Print Sample

Want to see the quality of a code before purchasing? 

Linx offer a freeno obligation sample printing service to new and existing customers. Take full advantage of this service to either compare your existing coding printing quality, or check the feasibility of a new process.

In our sample procedure we will ask you for a detailed production process to ensure we test accurately and to the finest detail. We will put the print through cold temperatures, heat, moisture, sterilisation and more so we are confident you have taken away a code you will be satisfied with. This added step is to make sure we have used the right ink for your process and to eliminate time trying to find a solution.

Benefits to our Free Sample Printing Service

  • Ensure the adhesion is of standard
  • Compare the sample with existing
  • Test different inks and adhesions for the best results
  • Tested through further production processes
  • See what the code will look like

Are you intrigued to see how your codes will come out? Get in contact with us via our form and we will be happy to help.

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