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Barcodes Printing

Printing a clear barcode is an important component for many product manufacturing and packaging processes. The ability to scan the barcode and have access to data is something that many industries have elected to do. Barcodes carry important information such as traceability, product origin, nutrition or other important information.

What is a barcode

A barcode is a square or rectangular image consisting of a series of parallel black lines and white spaces of varying widths that can be read by a scanner. It is a machine-readable representation of numerals and characters that is applied to products as a means of quick identification.

How are barcodes generated?

You can generate most barcode types directly from our products. Linx laser and CIJ printers have a handy user interface built in which allows you to generate main types of barcodes and print directly onto your products. However, if you require anything unique, you will need separate software and there are many options available on the market. 

All Linx lasers come with a Linx Vision user interface built in, which includes all of the main barcode types for you to choose from. Simply select what you need to print on your laser screen and you can mark your GS1-compliant barcode straight onto your product.

Linx IJ printers are compatible with CLARiSOFT software that will allow you to design your codes based on information inputted. This technology is created specifically for use with online package coding and labelling equipment. CLARiSOFT ensures consistent, accurate messages are applied to the correct packages, even if you utilise more than one type of marking and coding technology in your operation. 

Printing Barcodes

For any application or code used, the information they carry will not be available if the quality of the print is not good. Only high-quality, clearly visible and readable codes serve their purpose. Therefore, when thinking of applying barcodes to products, it is important to take into consideration:

  • The technology used and if it is adequate to the material/substrate of the products – are you able to create visible code with inkjet technology or do you need a laser?
  • The environment in which the product is manufactured and what impact it has to the code application. Are the conditions hot, cold, wet, and dusty and will that affect code application technology?
  • The longevity and durability of the code. Do you need a permanent marking solution, i.e. laser, or will your code application be durable with inkjet using suitable inks?

Whatever the application or product, Linx has a technology and printer suitable to your needs.

Linx industrial barcode machines ensure that printed barcodes are consistently clear and meet the highest coding standards. Our barcode printers were designed with the ability to print barcodes on a variety of substrates. Users can replace expensive labels and pre-printed packaging waste with barcodes applied directly to their products.


Barcodes are one of the most popular types of code used by many industries. Their ability to carry important and often mandatory information combined with the ease to retrieve that information with a scanning device makes them ideal to be used across many industries on primary, secondary or tertiary product packaging. 

Here are some examples:


Barcodes can store a lot more information than just product code, such as product origin, expiry date, nutritional information, traceability information, etc. 


Using barcodes for traceability and tracking the movements of the products. From the production line to the end consumer, barcodes are used to provide information on their travels when scanned at checkpoints and destinations. Plus, barcodes carry information about the product and its specification, which often is a legal requirement.

Packaging & Contract Packaging

Barcodes can help speed up the process of product handling: scanned barcodes can carry the important product and also warehousing information. 

Barcode Printers

Linx user-friendly interfaces make programming a new barcode a simple task. Our colour touch screens make it easy to format and save barcodes, including the ability to scale and size on the machine for a smooth barcode printing process. Many of our barcode printers are also equipped to print QR codes and data matrix codes.

Linx’s range of industrial barcode printing machines are designed to meet your primary and secondary packaging needs. Linx ensures that our industrial barcode machine will work for your production space and free sampling is available upon request. Increase your productivity and minimise waste today.

Continuous Ink Jet coders

Linx CIJ printers are designed to be durable and provide the highest standards of coding quality. Using self-cleaning printhead technology, our CIJ printers are reliable and suitable to print on many substrates. It is the most customizable option with inks that can be applied to nearly any substrate; even food-safe inks for prints that come in direct contact with ingestible products! 

Linx CIJ coders are renowned for their flexibility, clean operation, and reliability to cope with long hours of operation.

  • Reliable printers with long servicing intervals
  • Visible, durable and highest-quality of codes printed
  • Range of inks for specialist marking, e.g. food grade, invisible/UV coding
  • Optional IP protection for harsh environments
  • Suitable to print on any shape, size, texture, porosity, etc

Large Character Printers

Our Large Character Marking (LCM) printers are mostly used to print onto secondary packaging. With the ability to print clear text and graphics onto porous substrates, they are a cost-effective alternative to labels and pre-printed boxes.

Linx Large Character Printers provide high-resolution printing and are easy to set up and adjust. High adhesion ink for porous surfaces of cardboard cartons used across distribution chains to make certain the printed codes remain legible even after extensive handling.

  • Ideal for barcodes printing on secondary packaging
  • High-resolution codes printing even on difficult packaging substrates
  • Print text, logo and graphics up to 75mm high
  • Can print onto vertical substrates

Laser Coders

If you are after permanent code printing on substrates such as glass or metal, laser printers are an ideal solution for you. With no need for consumables, lasers provide a low operating cost product marking solution with permanent barcodes.

Laser marking is one of the most reliable, versatile, and cost-efficient marking methods available. Barcode coding is done using indelible marks for even the most highly regulated industries. With accuracy guaranteed, laser coders are a great option for applying barcodes at high speeds.

All types of barcodes can be printed with lasers: their wide marking area allows you to print graphics onto larger areas. Plus, barcode generation comes as standard with Linx Vision user interface built in. 

  • Permanent marking capability
  • Designed to use in challenging, high-speed environments 
  • Excellent code quality due to precise laser beam 
  • Versatile with any orientation coding capabilities
  • Ideal for applying barcodes on various substrates


Linx offers a variety of inks that can be used with our CIJ printers. From non-MEK to food grade and UV inks, you will find the colour and composition best for your application. We offer a variety of inks:

  • general purpose, 
  • special adherence, 
  • contrasting, 
  • food grade 
  • Coloured
  • Security (UV readable)
  • Process specific

Using our inks and solvents to print your barcodes means you have the highest quality adhesion and readability.

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What is an industrial barcode printer?

An industrial barcode printer is a robust machine able to withstand harsh working environments that prints barcodes on labels or directly onto products. It is bilt with an interface through which specific information can be printed, example being batch numbers.

Which printing technology is best for barcodes?

All of our machines are able to print industrial barcodes. By speaking to one of our experts here we can recommend the best machine for your marking and coding production.

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Industrial Barcode Printing Applications

Food Industry

Coding solutions to meet challenges faced by the food industry

Contract Packaging

Benefit from top level printer reliability, ease of use, and flexibility


Inkjet printing on an assortment of cardboard, carton, and paper packaging.


Mar Ne Vall Case Study

Glowcroft Case Study

Industrial Barcode Printing Applications

Batch Coding

Print clear and durable batch numbers on manufactured goods and packaging

Date Coding

Programmed formats, automatic date forward functions, and custom date and time editors for a full range of date coding capabilities with expiry date printer.

QR Codes

QR Codes can be printed precisely and accurately on an assortment of surfaces and materials.