Cosmetic and Toiletry Industry

Manufacturers in the personal care industry often produce a wide range of products in an equally wide range of packaging formats. This diversity of packaging is influenced by factors such as size polarisation from small travel size or tester pots through to larger, economical packs, niche branding to achieve standout in an increasingly crowded market, or catering for ageing populations needing adapted packaging such as easy-grip containers.

Printing High Quality Codes

In the cosmetic and personal care industry, it is vital manufactures products are safe and labelled correctly, so coding and marking properly, clear, and permanent is essential to communicate important information to consumers. 

With Linx machines, it is quick easy and reliable to code and mark on all surface types. A wide range of specific inks are also available which adhere to many production environments and material.

Batch Coding Importance in Cosmetics

Batch coding is very important to cosmetic products. What are batch codes on cosmetic products? It is the small sequence of letters and/ or numbers marked on the container. Batch codes hold information of the manufacturing date, product recall and overall tracking of the product.

Let’s go into more detail…

Manufacturing Date: If there is no date on a product and a customer is asking whether it is okay to still use, the batch code printed on the bottle can be used to trace the date that the batch inside was manufactured. Hopefully from there the testing data can be pulled from the stability testing so the shelf life of the product can be identified.

Product Recall: A batch code can be used for the manufacturers to determine which batch on the market requires recall or resolution, in case of any quality issues.

Tracking Product: The batch code is needed for Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP). If an incident with a product resulted in a lawsuit a batch code will help trace back where the issue occurred.

Marking and Coding on Cosmetics

Linx offers industrial marking printers for cosmetic traceability on glass, plastic, metal, and cardboard and fulfil the needs and expectations f the cosmetic, perfume and beauty manufactures. Counterfeiting is a major problem occurring in many industries, however Linx offer a wide range of printers which mark clear and permanent codes for traceability on bottles, jars, tubes, cases and propellants. 

Invisible UV Inks

In addition, Linx has developed a unique Visicode™ laser marking technology to achieve high aesthetic coding quality as well as invisible UV inks in the conventional light spectrum for cosmetic traceability.

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Printer Types for Cosmetic and Toiletries

Continuous InkJet (CIJ) Printers

Linx CIJ printers reduce ongoing costs by efficiently using inks and solvents and are designed to be durable and reliable, meeting the highest standards of coding quality. 

  • Range of inks for specialist marking, e.g. food grade, invisible/UV coding
  • Durable, high quality multi-line coding
  • Wide range of inks to keep your codes in place on nearly any substrate

Laser Printer

Laser printers are ideal for permanent coding and provide a low operating cost product marking solution. Linx laser coding machines are designed for use in challenging, high-speed production environments while ensuring industry leading text and code quality.

  • Permanent marking capability
  • Low operating costs – no need for consumables
  • High quality coding even on the fast line speeds 

Large Character Marking Printer

With the ability to print clear text and graphics onto porous substrates, Linx Large Character Inkjet Printers are a cost-effective alternative to labels and pre-printed boxes.

These high-resolution batch printers guarantee efficiency and quality when printing on difficult packaging substrates.

  • Ideal for packaging printing
  • Code text and graphics
  • Perfect for tertiary packaging


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