Cosmetics and Toiletries

Manufacturers in the personal care industry often produce a wide range of products in an equally wide range of packaging formats. This diversity of packaging is influenced by factors such as size polarization from small travel size or tester pots through to larger, economical packs, niche branding to achieve standout in an increasingly crowded market, or catering for aging populations needing adapted packaging such as easy-grip containers.

We provide flexible, cost-effective solutions that deliver quality code and full traceability across a variety of different pack formats and material types to help you meet your customers’ needs, comply with legislation and reduce production costs.

Our CIJLaser and Packaging Printers can help maximize uptime between multiple SKUs with quick, error-free code changeovers while line setups can be stored and retrieved for repeat work. 

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Coding Solutions for Personal Care Packaging

Special Adherence Inks Datasheet

Top Ten Tips for Choosing the Right Coder

Personal Care infographic

Linx CSL30 coding onto card boxes

Cosmetics Printing Machines

Industrial Inkjet Printers

Non-contact, reliable inkjet coding in harsh environments

Laser Coding

Fast, high quality, permanent product marking solutions

Large Character Coders

A cost-effective alternative to labels or pre-printed boxes