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Halogen-free and MEK-free ink

Linx offers a range of halogen-free and MEK-free inks which still provide the great quality of other inks. All of our halogen-free and MEK-free inks are compatible with our Continuous Ink Jet printers (CIJ).



Our range of halogen-free and MEK-free inks are formulated to:

  • Be quick-drying
  • Adhere to most materials
  • Print high quality codes

To read more about our inks, see our infographic here.


Harmful chemicals when burnt can create a toxic environment for people and the ecosystem.

Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)

Dangerous substance when in contact with your colleagues, causing irritation and damage to skin and eyes.


Halogens are group 17 of the periodic table, comprising Fluorine (F), Chlorine (Cl), Bromine (Br), Iodine (I), and Astatine (At). Of these, chlorine and bromine are the most common.

Most halogens when burnt, for example at the end of the product’s lifecycle, emit chemicals that can be harmful, as they can create toxic and corrosive gases in the environment.

The International Electrochemical Commission (IEC) set the standard for what halogen-free means, IEC 61249-2-21:2003:

  • Chlorine ≤ 900 ppm
  • Bromine ≤ 900 ppm
  • Total Halogens ≤ 1500 ppm

Our halogen-free inks meet these standards

MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)

MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone), also known as 2-butanone, is a colourless, volatile, highly flammable liquid with a fruity odour similar to acetone. MEK is used in largely in industrial settings for a number of uses, particularly as a solvent for inks and adhesives.  

Unlike halogens, MEK does not build up in the environment, however it can have adverse effects for those who are exposed to it regularly for long periods. MEK in the air can cause irritation of the skin, eye, nose, and throat and may cause chest tightness.

For those using MEK inks in their workspace will be required to have policies in place to keep their workers safe.

Linx offer a number of MEK-free inks which great adhesion and clarity. Read our blog here.

Need help to select the right Linx products for your coding requirements?

Contact our expert team for advice or to confirm which combination of ink and coder is best for your needs.

Linx is ISO 14001 accredited, which means that Linx is certified to manage and uphold environmental management systems. This certificate demonstrates that Linx is responsible and proactive in upholding “environmental performance through more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste” (ISO, 2015).

Ink handling guidelines

Linx takes great care to ensure that none of their CIJ inks and solvents are classified as ‘Toxic to Health’ or ‘Environmentally Damaging’. Details of safety precautions for handling these fluids can be found on the relevant Safety Data Sheet. Download our datasheet for ordering options.