Linx product marking coders can be used for many coding types, onto numerous products and substrates in varied production environments such as wet, dusty or temperature-controlled.

Do you want to find out which printing technology is most suitable for your application?

Here are examples of how our continuous inkjet coders, thermal transfer overprinters, laser markers, thermal inkjet machines and large character printers could be used for different substrates. Find out more about how our printers can mark on your materials.


Bottle Coding

Solutions for coding on glass and plastic bottles, from household products to drinks and cosmetics.

Can Coding

Coding and marking on metal tins and cans including food, drink and personal care products

Coated Metal

Coding onto metal bottle tops and curved coated metal can surfaces, with no compromise on reliability or quality of print.


Removable and permanent solutions for coding and marking onto all types of glass.


The range of Linx metal marking inks covers most product identification applications.

Paper and Card

Exceptional quality graphics, text and barcodes onto porous secondary packaging such as bags, trays and boxes.


Solutions specifically designed for printing on a wide variety of plastics such as PVC, nylon , OPP, PP and PE.


Expert adhesion, printing precise code for long lasting product identification on rubber.

Film Marking

Marking solutions for film packaging printing in industries from meat to dairy, pet food to cosmetics, and more.