Printing on Plastic

Linx provides product identification solutions for plastic marking including inks for enhanced adhesion, specifically designed to adhere to a wide variety of plastics and therefore suitable for printing on polyethylene (PE or PET), polypropylene (PP or OPP), HDPE, PVC and Nylon.

Plastic Coding & Marking

Our pigmented inks are ideal for high contrast coding and marking of light or dark materials such as plastic cables or extrusions. Pigmented inks retain their clarity for years, even if the printed plastic products are stored outside.

Continuous Ink Jet Printers – Non-contact, high speed coding with clean, reliable operation in challenging environments

Laser Coders – Fast, non-contact solution for permanent food packaging applications. Our top-of-the-range Linx CSL60 is a high powered laser coder for hard to mark plastics

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Compare Plastic Printing Technologies

Continuous Ink Jet

Non-contact, economical coding for consistent operation in challenging environments

Inks and fluids

Pigmented and specialist inks to cope with a range of coding needs

Laser Coders

Fast, non-contact, reliable permanent marking. Options to suit various substrates and line speeds


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Linx Contrasting Inks Datasheet

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