NCI Packaging

Metal packaging manufacturer NCI Packaging has augmented its quality assurance testing by installing a Linx CSL10 and CSL30 laser coder in their own QA laboratory.

Based in New Zealand, NCI Packaging produce a range of cans, drums and pails for both food and industrial customers.

For can ends, the company applies a special ink which changes colour when laser coded with production and traceability information.

In NCI’s QA laboratory, the Linx lasers apply test codes between two and four lines which also include a 2D QR code. Code readability is then checked by a scanner. This tests the effectiveness of the ink and ensures NCI customers can produce high quality readable codes in line with their own rigorous quality standards.

Linx distributor Reynolds supplied and installed the lasers, into a limited amount of space in NCI’s QA laboratory.

“We needed a laser solution that was compact and easy to operate, and one that had the capability to accommodate both our existing and potential future customer requirements,” comments Windsor Yang (Sales Manager – New Zealand) of NCI Packaging.