Printing on seed pouches

Linx continuous inkjet printers are reliable, robust machines, with up to 6-line coding capability, ideal for coding a large amount of information onto seed pouches and seed packets, such as seed variety, date of manufacture and expiry, batch and MRP. Our printers are easy to use, with a low total cost of ownership.

In a bid to prevent spread of spurious seed, the Telangana State Seed and Organic Certification Authority (TSSOCA) has decided to use bar coding and quick response (QR) coding on the tags of certification from the coming (kharif) agriculture season.

Contents of the mark or label – there shall be specified on every mark or label:

  1. particulars, as specified by the Central Government under clause (b) of section 6 of the Act;
  2. a correct statement of the net content in terms of weight and expressed in metric system;
  3. date of testing;
  4. if the seed in container has been treated- (a) a statement indicating that the seed has been treated; (b) the commonly accepted chemical or abbreviated chemical (generic) name of the applied substance; and (c) if the substance of the chemical used for treatment, and present with the seed is harmful to human beings or other vertebrate animals, a caution statement such as “Do not use for food, feed or oil purposes”. The caution for mercurials and similarly toxic substance shall be the word “Poison” which shall be in type size, prominently displayed on the label in red:
  5. the name and address of the person who offers for sale, sells or otherwise supplies the seed and who is responsible for its quality;
  6. the name of the seed as notified under section 5 of the Act.

As per the Seed rule of 1968 –

Responsibility for Marking or Labelling. – When seed of a notified kind or variety is offered for sale under section 7, each container shall be marked or labelled in the manner hereinafter specified. The person whose name appears on the mark or label shall be responsible for the accuracy of the information required to appear on the mark or label so long as seed is contained in the unopened original container: Provided, however, that such person shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the statement appearing on the mark or label if the seed is removed from the original unopened container, or he shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the germination statement beyond the date of validity indicated on the mark or label.

6 line printing onto seed pouches

Coding onto seed packaging

Linx printers are ideal for marking and coding date and lot codes onto substrates such as plastic or paper pouches, sachets or packets.  

Low Total Cost of Ownership 

  • Simple self-service with up to 18 months between services
  • Solvent consumption as low as 3.5ml/hour*
  • Robust, sealed printhead with printhead cleaning intervals up to three months 
  • Accurate, consistent batch code, lot code, manufacture date and MRP marking – ensures you keep up with regulations


  • IP55 & IP65 rated machine options – consistent performance even in challenging environments

Easy to use

  • Touch screen, icon-based interface – for ease of use
  • USB port for copy and back-up of message and printer settings, and for easy transfer of messages
  • Variety of languages supported.

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