• <span class="content"><strong>The ultimate combination of benefits for flexible film packaging printing (flow wrap), labels or gloss card printing</strong></span>
  • <span class="content"><strong>A wider width ribbon for printing longer messages <br /></strong></span>
  • <span class="content"><strong>The easy way to get high quality variable coding for your flexible packaging</strong></span>

Thermal Transfer Overprinters

The ultimate thermal transfer overprinting solution for coding onto flexible film packaging, labels or gloss card. The Linx TT Series of thermal transfer printers is extensively used across the snack food, confectionery and pharmaceutical sectors.

We have a wide range of thermal transfer printers, printing on different sizes and types of material, meaning we can cater to a variety of different sectors. Their design makes them ideal for use in the packaging printing industry, coding and marking plastics and other flexible materials with barcodes and logos.

Thermal Transfer Printers: