Film and flow wrap 

Linx film and flow wrap marking printers are ideal for printing on flexible packaging or glossy films. Our range of thermal transfer printers, robust continuous inkjet printers, and high-speed laser coders ensure that your film products have a clear code. 

Our range of industrial printers offer consistent and efficient solutions for printing onto substrates such as shrink wrap, flow wrap, plastic bags, flexible packaging, PVC or PPE films. 

Film Marking Coders

Printing on flexible materials requires technology that can ensure codes adhere to glossy and lightweight materials.

Linx film marking printers reduce the risk of coding errors while increasing the efficiency of your production. 

Linx film printing machines are available for a variety of production line speeds, regardless of code complexity, and provide essential automation to traceability and manufacturing coding. 

Coding onto milk pouch film with the Linx 8840 CIJ Printer

Printing on film for food packets with the Linx 8800 Series CIJ Printer

Industries that use Film Marking

Dairy Marking

Print legible codes on pouches and film lids without compromising your dairy products.

Snack Food Coding

Replace removable labels with direct printing on glossy snack food pouches, bags, and more.

Food Printing

Print date code and lot numbers on flexible packaging with Linx thermal transfer, laser, or CIJ technology

Film Marking Machines

Whatever your flexible packaging, line speed and operating environment, Linx can provide you with a suitable traceability coders for film materials. Browse our different technologies from the options below:

Thermal Transfer Coders

Designed for printing on glossy materials, plastic films, and labels without the use of compressed air

Inkjet Coders

Ingress protection and self-service modules make our continuous inkjets ideal for film

Laser Coders

High speed and permanent marking for labels and flexible packaging with laser coding

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