Marking Electronics

The electronics industry requires coding and marking solutions suitable for the complex, and often delicate, manufacturing of circuit boards, electronic components, and wires.

Our CIJ printers deliver robust traceability solutions to ensure manufacturers can keep track of inventory during every step of the manufacturing process, including water-soluble and pigmented Linx inks for either temporary or permanent electronic marking on circuit boards and parts of every size, even wiring can be coded effectively.

Linx CIJ coders allow you to code lines as small as .05 inches.

Laser coders can go even smaller – as little as 0.03 inches. Even the smallest of electronic components can be legibly coded with one of our CIJ or laser solutions.

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Process Specific Inks Datasheet


Continuous Ink Jet

Non-contact, economical coding for consistent operation in challenging environments

Inks and fluids

Pigmented and specialist inks to cope with a range of coding needs

Laser Coders

Fast, non-contact, reliable permanent marking. Options to suit various substrates and line speeds