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Printing on herbal and nutraceutical products

Herbal, aromatherapy and nutraceutical product manufacturing requires robust traceability, often in the form of batch code, lot code, manufacturing date and expiration date printing. 

Linx coders can mark on a wide range of packaging used for remedies and dietary supplements, from plastics such as HDPE, to glass, cardboard containers and paper labels, enabling you to meet regulatory requirements.

Linx CIJ or Laser coding solutions are ideal if you need to mark batch and expiry dates directly onto products such as bottles or jars containing vitamins or tablets, droppers and herbal-derived tinctures, liquids, powders and capsules, and even products such as shampoos and creams. Linx Thermal Transfer printers are also idea for applying batch and best before dates onto labels.


Coding jars, bottles and droppers

Linx printers are ideal for marking and coding date and lot codes onto substrates such as glass and plastic jars and bottles, containers, tincture and dropper bottles. 

Complying with traceability regulations

Accurate and consistent marking of batch codes, lot codes, manufacture and best by dates also ensures that you keep up with regulations.

Coding on coloured substrates

The range of inks ensures that you have the right legibility of code for your product, with black, blue, grey, white, and yellow inks available should you be using amber coloured or black capped bottles.

Hygiene controlled environments

Designed to code in hygiene controlled production environments, features such as ingress protection ensures that our coders can be washed down or sterilised without affecting their operation or the clarity of date or batch number marking.

Discreet codes and anti-counterfeiting

Linx Laser marking solutions are ideal where permanent codes are required or where a discreet laser code is preferred for aesthetic purposes.

Coding onto Nutraceutical Products

Coding onto Nutraceutical Products

Permanent batch coding with laser marking

Permanent batch coding with laser marking

Coding on glass

Linx CIJ and laser coders are ideal for marking glass jars, bottles and containers, tincture and dropper bottles. 


Coding on plastic

Linx has a range of CIJ, laser and TTO products, ideal for batch marking on plastic jars, bottles, containers and dropper bottles. 


Coding on card and paper

Accurate marking of batch codes, lot codes and best before dates onto coated paper and card-based packets with CIJ and Laser.


Herb-derived product coding

The Linx CSL30 laser coder being used on a production line in the manufacture of herb-derived products and extracts. The Linx laser coder ensures consistent, permanent marking.

The laser really does an incredible job. Anyone looking to
protect themselves whether it’s white & private label or for their
own products that they’re putting out into the market, I think it’s
incredibly important to have something like this.

Abraham Rahmanizadeh, COO/CFO, Leafwell Botanicals

Our team can help advise on the most appropriate coding solution for your product and production environment.


Coders for Herbal Products

Inkjet coder for jars, bottles and droppers

Inkjet coder for jars, bottles and droppers

Economical date and batch code printing that is suitable for almost all applications and substrates.
Black and coloured ink options.

Permanent lot and batch marking

Permanent lot and batch marking

Ideal if you want to apply a permanent batch and lot code. Options to suit various substrates and line speeds

Thermal Transfer for flexible materials

Thermal Transfer printing options for coding and marking plastics, film packaging, labels and other flexible materials