Choosing the best meat processing coding solution

The UK meat sector is a hugely significant and important part of the food and drink industry, employing over 100,000 people in abattoirs, and meat processing and manufacturing plants.

At a time when the meat processing industry is getting itself into shape for the future, selecting the right coding and marking equipment can play a significant part in ensuring that processors are ready for the opportunities lying ahead.

While the fall-out from the 2013 horsemeat scandal continues to cause uncertainty over long-term requirements for the labelling of processed meat, forward-thinking processors know that trends have been changing over a longer period, for example red meat consumption in the UK still remains at a lower level than the 1990s, while poultry consumption rises steadily.

The industry is also expected to be hampered by the huge disruptions caused by the horsemeat scandal in the short term. Costs in the form of more expensive domestic meat inputs, supply chain overhaul and potential requirements for DNA testing will hit hard, narrowing what are already exceptionally tight margins.