Introducing the Mk11 right-angled (90 degree) printhead


The Mk11 right-angled printhead option allows Linx 8900 series printers to print onto products where space for the printhead is limited. The conduit is connected to the printhead at a right angle, so there is no need to allow for the conduit bend radius as well as the length of the printhead. 

Typical applications for the Mk11 right-angled printhead include bottle coding, where the printhead is fitted inside labelling stations, and coding onto film, where the printhead is fitted between the film as it passes over tensioning rollers. The Mk11 right-angled printhead provides a quick and simple method to change the orientation of the conduit on the printhead, to allow the printhead to fit into many different applications.  

Key Benefits

Fixing the space crunch

  • This printhead will fit in spaces where a standard printhead cannot fit. The Mk11 right-angled printhead has a right-angled joint where the conduit joins the printhead. This eliminates the need for space for the conduit to bend behind the printhead, so allows the printhead to fit into tight spaces.
  • The “right-angle” joint can be installed in seven different positions, to allow the printhead and conduit to fit into spaces where the standard “straight” printhead cannot fit.

High Speed Bottling

  • Typically a bottling plant is setup in such a manner that there are protective guards near fast moving bottles due to which there is little space available near bottles. General requirement for printing on bottles in 1 – 2 lines of code on the bottle surface. 2 – 3 lines code onto recyclable bottles. The 8900 series has the capability to print upto 6-lines of code.
  • In the 8900 series, we get print speeds up-to 7.33 m/s with the Linx 8940

Service Intervals

  • Long intervals between head cleaning since its extremely difficult to clean the head as lines are running continuously and its not easy to access the printhead as well.
  • The Linx 8900 series solves this as you get upto 17600 hour service interval (that is a 2 year service interval in a 24/7 application).

For Consumer Products

  • In consumer product environment like confectionery, dairy, snack foods, personal care products, the lines are in close proximity to a number of applications like box packaging units, flexible film. In such an environment, space is a premium. Having a regular printhead would involve allocating dedicated space to mount the printer which is sometimes not a readily available option.
  • With the new MK11 right angled printhead, this problem is solved as the printhead can fit between tensioning rollers where the film is at consistent speed and distance from printhead. The MK11 right angled printhead allows printhead to fit between rollers, where film speed and position allow consistent coding.

Highlights Summary

The Linx 8900 series is now available with a right-angled printhead.

The Mk11 right-angled printhead is available with all 8900 series models:  8900, 891089208940.

Available with 2 metre and 4 metre conduit lengths.

Print speeds are the same as for “straight” printheads. The 8900 series can print upto 6-lines of code. 

Multiple orientation options, no need to print inverted text which can compromise print quality. Optimum conduit routing.