The perfect low-cost of ownership choice for high quality coding

Linx 8820/8840 CIJ Printer Coding onto Beverage Bottles

Providing the perfect low-cost of ownership choice for high quality coding

In today’s competitive coding market, choosing a high quality, reliable printer which delivers a low total cost of ownership is key. Here at Linx, we have designed the perfect solution with the introduction of two new printers; the 8820 and 8840, engineered specifically to offer high quality printing even in tough environments – and with a low cost of ownership.

Unique printhead seals the deal

Manufacturing environments are often hot and humid and ensuring CIJ printers are able to cope with these challenges is therefore a key requirement. Our Linx 8820 and 8840 printers have been designed with this in mind and can operate in tough manufacturing environments. Equipped with our unique completely sealed printhead the critical components are protected from physical damage allowing each printer to run reliably and for longer. This unique design also means each printhead requires less cleaning, typically running up to three months between cleans. This helps to further reduce downtime in production and has the added benefit of reducing fluid consumption costs too.

Keeping running costs low and output high

Importantly, our Linx 8820 and 8840 printers have also been designed with cost and efficiency in operation as central to their performance. With solvent consumption as low as 3.5 ml per hour and with an 8-hour reserve print capacity, your printer will continue for a whole production shift without stopping the line.

Also, the Easi-Change Service Module helps to keep costs low. Using only 0.5L of ink, it provides a single part ink and filter change, with no working parts scrapped, saving both time and money.

Prevention not intervention

Our Linx 8820 and 8840 printers have also been engineered to minimise intervention and provide complete reliability to users. Increased service intervals of up to 18 months and, as already mentioned, a printhead technology which requires cleaning less often, delivering a fuss-free solution to meet your printing needs. And our simple one-touch fluid cartridge refills during printing means no mess, no tools, no mistakes and no need to stop production.

Easy to use – select and go!

Similarly, each printer’s customisable, colour touch-screen makes it easier than ever to access the features you use the most and therefore lessens the chance of making costly coding errors. With the simple to use Image Message Selection, allowing you to set up messages using your unique product images, selection becomes so easy that you won’t have to spend a long time training or referring to the manual – simply select and go!

The quick and easy selection of images and step by step guides also reduce any language barriers, making sure quick print selection is available to everyone at the touch of a button.

PrinterNet, Linx IoT solution

All this combined with access to the latest version of Linx PrinterNet, our secure IoT cloud-based service, lets you see the real-time status of your printer anytime, anywhere. This latest technology helps you gain more control of your production line with features such as remote printer operation and fast fault resolution – helping you see it, check it and solve it!

Technical Support teams at Linx approved partners can monitor printers, investigate faults and provide a solution.

A sound investment

With the capability to print up to 3 or 6 lines of high-quality print and with the character heights needed to meet the latest regulations, the Linx 8820 and 8840 CIJ printers offer a total coding solution with built-in reliability for increased productivity and maximum cost effectiveness.

And with over 15 years success in India, Linx is sure to meet your coding and marking needs.

To find out how our new Linx 8820 and 8840 printers can provide a coding and marking solution with low running costs, reliability and provide consistent error-free codes and an easy to use interface, please contact us for further information.