New Linx 8820 and 8840 printers provide a low total cost of ownership coding and marking solution

Linx Printing Technologies has launched two CIJ (Continuous Ink Jet) printers, designed to reduce the total cost of ownership for its coding and marking customers in India.

The new Linx 8820 and 8840 models, which are capable of printing up to 3 or 6 lines respectively, enable customers to print the character heights they need to meet regulations and offer significant savings on fluid costs with a solvent consumption as low as 3.5ml per hour. In addition, costs related to servicing can be reduced with the Easi-Change Service Module that provides a single part ink and filter change, removing any extra cost from discarding working parts.

Similarly, through focusing on the often-hidden costs related to downtime for maintenance and service, both the Linx 8820 and 8840 have been engineered to minimise intervention with a service interval of up to 18 months and printhead technology that requires cleaning less often, typically only once every three months. This has the added benefit of reducing the cost of cleaning fluids for users.

Both models offer built-in reliability for increased productivity. Each printer is equipped with Linx’s industry-leading sealed printhead, designed to protect critical components from physical damage, this helps to further reduce downtime and deliver greater production efficiencies. The eight-hour reserve print capacity also reduces potentially costly production line stoppages due to fluids running empty and enables companies to run a full production shift without the need for refilling.

Production efficiencies can also be achieved through the simple to use one-touch fluid cartridge refills during printing that means there is no mess, no need for special tools, no mistakes and no need to stop the production line.

The Linx 8820 and 8840 models include access to the latest version of Linx PrinterNet, a secure, cloud-based IoT service. This enables customers to see the real-time status of their Linx printers from anywhere, giving them improved control of their production line and fast fault resolution for increased productivity. Technical Support teams at Linx approved partners can monitor printers, investigate faults and provide a solution.

The Linx 8820 and 8840 have been designed for ease of use and to provide consistent error-free codes for a high-quality coding solution. Simple to use features such as the customisable touch screen with Image Message Selection, using images of the customer’s products, ensure fast set up without any language barriers. Immediate access to frequently used functions and step by step guides further enhance this ‘right first time’ approach to minimise the chance of costly coding errors.

“We’re extremely excited to launch the Linx 8820 and 8840 in India,” comments Senior Global Product Manager, Charles Randon. “These new models meet the growing demand from customers for solutions that deliver high quality codes within a low total cost of ownership. The Linx 8820 and 8840 printers maximise production output through reducing maintenance time, production stoppages and coding errors in comparison to other CIJ printers.”