• Legacy Linx Coders

    We are dedicated to ensuring new products developed deliver the
    reliability and robustness of previous models, while offering even
    greater ease of use, portability, self-service and low total cost of

Linx CJ400

Legacy Coder
Simple yet highly flexible, the Linx CJ400 was a compact CIJ coder. Quick to set up, and with a self-service module, it printed up to 3 lines of information. 

Linx 5900 Series

Legacy Coder
The Linx 5900 continuous ink jet printer was designed to provide consistently reliable coding, together with the lowest-in-class maintenance costs.

Linx TT3

Legacy Coder
Prints simple variable date and batch codes onto flexible packaging. Uses a 35mm wide printhead for smaller messages.

Linx TT5

Legacy Coder
Standard ribbon width (up to 55mm) – particularly suited to printing best before dates and batch codes.

Linx TT10

Legacy Coder
A wider ribbon (up to 110mm) – perfect for printing longer messages such as ingredients, logos and marketing information.

Linx SL1

Legacy Coder
Compact, cost effective coder, with the ability to print a wide range of message types, including multiple lines of high quality text, logos and machine readable codes. 

Linx TJ725

Legacy Coder
An ideal digital alternative to roller coders, valvejet and CIJ systems. High resolution coding onto boxes, trays and sleeves. The wide range of inks available provides reliablility for a variety of packaging printing requirements.