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Linx TT5

Linx TT5

Packaging printing - best before dates and batch codes.

The Linx TT5 has a standard ribbon width (up to 55mm) making it particularly suitable for printing best before dates and batch codes. Bi-directional motors drive both ribbon unwind and re-wind reels, creating more prints per ribbon and leaving only a 0.5mm gap between messages. Delivering low cost of ownership through an efficient use of consumables, and no overprinting.

Key benefits

  • Clutchless ribbon drive to minimize the risk of ribbon breaks 
  • Simple ribbon cassette for quick changeovers
  • Increased production line uptime
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Easy to use colour touch screen - fewer errors and hassle-free operation
  • Exceptional flexibility - switch between intermittent and continuous printing modes
  • Straightforward retro fitting to your production line
  • IP55 and IP65 protection for protection during wash down


TT5 & TT10 video

TT5 & TT10 video

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TT5 & TT10 Datasheet

TT5 & TT10 Datasheet

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Technical Specifications

Printing capability icon

Printing Capabilities

  • Ribbon width of 20mm – 55mm
  • Maximum ribbon length of 1200m
  • Print speed: intermittent motion mode from 50mm/sec to 800mm/sec
  • Print speed: continuous motion mode from 40mm/sec to 1000mm/sec
  • Wide range of ribbon colours with excellent rub resistance and superb adhesion to packaging materials

Programming features icon


  • Claricom CLARiSOFT image design software
  • Multiple graphic formats supported
  • Auto best before date calculations
  • Scaleable text including rotation, mirror and inverse printing
  • 512mb message store memory
  • WYSIWYG print preview
  • 3 levels of password protection

Physical characteristics icon

Physical characteristics

  • Clutchless bi-directional ribbon drive
  • Full colour touch screen
  • IP55 and IP65 rating with dedicated printer

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