What is industrial printing?

Industrial printing is printing that is carried out on products and packaging. It covers the wide scope of printing requirements that are not undertaken for office or home use, rather in manufacturing and production facilities. This covers a range of applications from sophisticated full colour printing presses through to label printers, outer case coders and even printing directly onto products. Industrial printers print in situ, on production lines, enabling lean production so that stock of pre-printed materials, packaging and labels can be kept to a minimum.

Why do you need an industrial printer?

Industrial coders do not put the ‘gloss on the product’, they are a functional, but vital component in the manufacturing process. Whether you are printing best before end dates, batch codes, barcodes, QR codes or variable data onto packaging, the printed codes must be of consistent high quality to comply with traceability, legislation, and industry demands.

Since 1987, Linx has been a trusted industrial printer manufacturer supplying a comprehensive range of coders onto production lines to provide traceability and best before end (BBE) information, enabling customers to meet legal requirements and keep end users safe.

Linx’s industrial printers are a critical component of coding and marking on production lines and operate across the full array of production environments from food to pharmaceutical, automotive parts to plant passport marking, and everything in between. They seamlessly integrate onto your existing lines, keeping downtime to a minimum and optimise overall equipment effectiveness.

Linx’s range of industrial printers are renowned for their easy set up capabilities with intuitive user interfaces and large, colour touch screen functionality.

Operators can process their work faster and more accurately even with frequent code changes giving them confidence in the equipment.

Maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum allowing production managers to schedule work with the minimum of disruption.

Linx offers comprehensive, heavy duty printers through to lower cost options where budget is limited. All are backed with Linx’s extensive expertise and friendly service, so you can have complete confidence you are in safe hands and can get the job done on time, without the worry of expensive re-works, rejects or fines. 

What’s available?

The Linx industrial coding range makes use of various technologies including continuous ink jets which are ideal for printing variable information such as best before end dates or batch codes. The laser coders provide permanent traceability and are particularly suitable for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

Linx’s large character printers can print directly onto porous substrates such as card and wood and offer a cost-effective alternative to labels and pre-printed boxes.

The thermal transfer overprinter is suitable for printing onto a wide variety of flexible packaging including film packaging, labels, plastics and other flexible materials.  Its capability of producing high volume, error free codes makes it the perfect partner for manufacturers who need to print product information such as best before dates, batch codes, bar codes and logos.

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