Linx Lasers Help Irish Distillers to Prevent Counterfeiting 

Linx Printing Technologies, laser and CIJ coding & marking equipment manufacturer, has been helping its customers to overcome counterfeiting issues and brand identity theft by providing them with permanent laser marking solutions.

Linx’s laser machines, carefully selected to suit customer needs, production set up and output requirements, apply a permanent code BBD, batch codes, QR codes, and others, to help with traceability and provide a distinct, permanent way of branded marking on the product. Installed by highly qualified engineers to ensure maximum safety and operational efficiency, Linx lasers can be used to etch on multiple substrates, such as metal, plastic, glass, or cardboard.

Irish Distillers, Ireland’s leading supplier of spirits and wines and producer of some of the world’s most well-known and successful Irish whiskeys, are using Linx CSL30 and CSL60 lasers to ensure brand identity and anti-counterfeiting of their Jameson whiskey.

To prevent their best-selling product from being falsified, Irish Distillers were looking for a solution to add a distinctive mark onto their bottles that would be very hard to replicate.

Linx have been given the challenge of finding a way to apply a unique stamp of approval directly onto three different substrates at the same time as bottles move through production process and has developed a bespoke solution using their laser machines. The permanent coding was required, the challenge was to do it at their highest production speeds. These demanding production volumes fall under Linx’s capabilities and outside capabilities of others, which makes Linx a market leading application supplier for super-fast production environments.

Only original Jameson whiskey bottles have their bottle distinctively marked with stamp of approval that goes over the seal, glass and label perfectly aligned, highly visible and permanent. 

To find out more about Linx’s coding and marking equipment, or to discuss your needs, please contact us here. We always welcome a challenge!