Dairy Coding 

A rise in health-conscious yet time-poor consumers are influencing current trends in the dairy industry, as such batch printing of dairy products needs to be flexible to cope with the expanding range of product packaging types. In addition, reliable operation in wet production environments is key, especially on fast-moving lines producing products with a short shelf life, where time to market is short and profit margins can be low.

Whether coding onto flexible film, cartons, plastic and glass containers or bottles, Linx printers are designed to be reliable, robust and to print accurate, durable codes on a wide range of packaging materials.  This makes sure that you meet coding regulations, minimize cost, and reduce waste. 

Maintain Uptime and Control Costs

Reliable operation in wet or damp dairy production environments is critical, especially on fast-moving production lines. Maintaining uptime is essential for products with a short shelf life, where time to market is restricted and cost control is paramount. 

Linx coding and marking solutions enable you to meet coding regulations, reduce waste, maximize your production throughput and meet deadlines.  

Quality dairy coding across a range of packaging materials 

Plastic, Glass, and Paperboard 

Linx laser coders provide a high quality, permanent code. Print directly onto film lids, plastic and glass pots and paperboard cartons.

Jugs, Bottles, Labels and Sleeves

High quality coding directly onto plastic, or onto label or sleeves with Linx Continuous Inkjet, Laser or Thermal Transfer dairy coding solutions.

Bags, Pouches and Flexible Films

Print accurate batch and date codes onto flexible film packaging with Linx Thermal Transfer printers, Continuous Inkjet coders, and Laser marking machines.

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Dairy coding solutions

Our coding experts can advise you on the best solution from our range of marking machines for the dairy industry.  We can help you to reduce waste, maximise production throughput and meet deadlines. 

Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers 

Linx CIJ Printing solutions can help to maximise production time between multiple SKUs with quick, error-free code changeovers while line setups can be stored and retrieved for repeat work.

The Linx 8900 Series printers are designed to make operation and efficiency easier than ever and will support your business with:  

  • Meeting your output targets 
  • Reliable, continual operation 
  • Traceability of your products   
  • Meeting compliance requirements 

Laser coders 

Linx laser coders are suitable for a wide range of substrates at any line speed. Benefits include increased uptime, higher speed capability and the fact there is no use of consumables. 

Laser marking involves no ink in the coding process and therefore no drying time or risk of smudging. 

Thermal Transfer Printers 

Ideal for flexible packaging applications, providing high quality date and batch codes onto film pouches and labels. 

Quick and easy ribbon changes with ribbon lengths up to 1,200m deliver increased production time while a choice of ribbon saving modes helps to deliver a low cost of ownership.  


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