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Choosing the most appropriate ink for your application is a critical decision to ensure that the very best message quality and durability is achieved. Often the type of ink you need will determine which ink jet printer you buy. Therefore understanding the properties of the inks available is important.

New innovation means the snack foods industry is thriving, with this in mind find out how to cut costs and minimise downtime on your production line.

Downtime means missed production targets. Especially when you are running your line all day, every day.

So how can you increase the uptime of your line? One of the most cost effective ways is to assess your coding solution. Here are 3 easy ways to do this.

One of the fastest growing trends in packaging is the stand-up pouch, which has seen significant growth over the last five years in a number of key markets around the world. There are a number of reasons for the growth, including perceived benefits for consumers, but what are the benefits for packagers and manufacturers?

British craft beer and real ale is seeing increased demand around the world, not just in traditional markets, but also new markets such as Russia, China and Brazil. This represents a great opportunity for British micro-breweries, however it can also pose a challenge when it comes to exporting beer over long distances due to the limitations and costs of steel kegs.