Strauss Adriatic

The reliability and ability of the Linx IJ355 outer case coder to operate in dusty conditions have made the printer the ideal solution for Serbian-based Strauss Adriatic, part of the international Strauss Group and one of the largest coffee producers in the Balkans. 

The Linx IJ355 is being used to code production and best before dates onto cases of pre-packed coffee distributed throughout the region. The coder, supplied by Linx distributor Insignis Ing d.o.o., was selected after a detailed analysis by Strauss Adriatic of the choice of models and technologies available and following its excellent performance during a one month trial.

The Linx IJ355 has been designed to cut production costs while maximising line uptime and print quality for the coding of secondary packaging. Key to its reliable operation in difficult environments is its patented ReFRESH® system, which maintains premium print quality and avoids wasted ink during printhead cleaning. Ink and dust that collect on the nozzles are removed with an ink purge and air knife, then ink from this procedure is collected, passed through a high performance filter to remove impurities, and delivered back ready for printing. This helps to minimise downtime while delivering important savings in consumable costs.

The machine’s durability is further enhanced by its tough stainless steel nozzle guard that protects the printhead from potential damage caused by impact with boxes on the line. At the same time, it allows the printhead to be positioned close enough to the pack to ensure superior print quality is maintained.

Strauss Adriatic cites no downtime, no mess and reliability as the key benefits of its new IJ355.