Linx Printernet connects customers to their coding

A new cloud-based service from Linx Printing Technologies is ensuring that customers can always be connected to their Linx continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers, maximising their performance and availability and freeing up time to focus on other areas of production.

Linx Printernet provides companies with remote monitoring and control of their printers via a simple and secure cloud connection. This enables users to carry out setup and change messages, monitor the status of their printers, and receive proactive advice and maintenance from the Linx Technical Support team.

The level of information provided means companies are able to take action to help maintain and maximise throughput on their lines. The at-a-glance real-time printer status for each job shows the current message and tells operators if the job is running as planned. The ability to view the print count allows the end time for each job to be estimated for faster and more efficient changeovers. Access to the current log and message history means there is an audit trail of who has used the printer and what was printed.

To avoid unnecessary downtime, designated users can receive real-time email alerts for faults, warnings, consumables replacement, and other maintenance issues, so that potential downtime can be anticipated and avoided, and issues responded to more quickly. Advanced notice of service and refills also enables planned maintenance.

In addition, the remote backup and restore facility guarantees users that a copy of their printer settings and messages is safely stored in a secure cloud, eliminating the need for a USB drive.

Remote monitoring is also extended to the Linx Technical Support Team. This further reduces the risk of downtime through the teams’ ongoing checks on the printer’s performance, with alerts to operators where necessary; advice on preventative maintenance; diagnoses of problems; and with users’ permission, remote connection and message set-up assistance.

“Linx Printernet is the result of us listening to our customers and developing a solution that will make their daily lives easier,” says Zoé Baxendale, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Linx. “The printer is often the most intelligent piece of equipment on the line, and we are harnessing its capabilities to do more.

“Above all, Linx Printernet gives customers invaluable peace of mind that allows them to focus on other aspects of production and business.”