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Linx CJ400

Linx CJ400

No longer available for sale

The award winning Linx CJ400 was light enough to carry between lines giving you a portable coding solution. With touchscreen operation it was simple to operate, quick to setup and to change codes. The optional carton coding message style enabled both primary and secondary coding with the same coder.

Talk to our team about replacing your Linx CJ400

Looking for a replacement or additional Linx CJ400?

In the interest of offering our customers the latest innovations at competitive prices, this product is no longer for sale. 

The Linx CJ400 CIJ printer has now been superseded by the latest generation of Linx CIJ printers.   

To discuss the current model best suited to your application, to find out about any upgrade offers that may be available to you, or to arrange a free demonstration of the latest Linx CIJ printer, contact us

Require technical support?

For technical support for an existing Linx CJ400 coder, please contact us

Key benefits

  • Self service maintainance - no engineer required
  • Colour touch screen prompts get you coding straight away
  • Can easily be carried between production lines
  • No complicated manuals or training required
  • Offers best print quality at different line speeds
  • On-screen trouble shooting helps resolve operating issues
  • No printhead cleaning for up to 3 months – less downtime and solvent usage
  • Fast line set-up


CJ400 Video

CJ400 Video

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CJ400 Datasheet

CJ400 Datasheet

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CJ400LE Datasheet

CJ400LE Datasheet

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Prints up to 3 lines of information, such as text, dates, and logos from 1.8mm – 8.8mm high, in 4 line speeds.


Low noise cooling system, with a range of low odour and low evaporation inks for use in temperature controlled laboratories.

Technical Specifications

Coding and marking capability icon

Coding and marking capability

  • Prints up to 3 lines of information such as lot codes, dates, times, text and logos
  • Code height range from 1.8mm – 20mm
  • Maximum print speed of 2.6m/s (for 1 line of print, solid characters)
  • Dedicated range of ink colours and types for most porous and non-porous substrates, including ketone-free inks

Programming features icon

Programming features

  • Stores up to 4 different line settings and up to 1000 messages
  • PrintSync® automatic message-style selection provides optimum print quality at different line speeds
  • WYSIWYG colour touch screen allows easy message creation and selection
  • On-screen help and diagnostics
  • Message store and printer settings can be backed up and restored/transferred to another Linx CJ400 using a USB storage device

Physical characteristics icon

Physical Characteristics

  • Compact stainless steel and high specification solvent and chemical resistant polymer
  • IP53 environmental protection rating
  • Weighs only 13.5kg with fluids
  • No factory air required
  • Bench mounted or optional Linx trolley/table available