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Linx SL1

Linx SL1 marking unit
Side view of the Linx SL1 laser marking unit
Close-up of the Linx SL1
Laser engraved text and batch code on filled glass bottle
Laser marking of text and batch code on plastic bottle
Laser printed white text and date code on layered cardboard
Rear view of the Linx SL1 laser coder's marking unit

Linx SL1

10 W Compact Laser Coder

Legacy Printer

The Linx SL1 was a compact, cost effective coder designed to fit easily into production environments where space is constrained. An ultra-fast mirror system enabled faster coding than other lasers in its class, while using much less laser energy but delivering 20% more power. No routine servicing or consumables meant the lifetime costs of the Linx SL1 laser coder is favourable compared to other types of printer, with no variable costs.

Talk to our team about replacing your SL1

Looking for a replacement or additional Linx Laser SL1?

In the interest of offering our customers the latest innovations at competitive prices, this product is no longer for sale or supported.

The Linx CSL Laser coders are available to meet your coding and marking needs. To discuss your application needs, contact us.

Require technical support?

For technical support for an existing Linx SL1 coder, please contact us