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How To Cut Costs And Minimize Downtime On A Snack Foods Production Line

The snack foods industry is thriving, innovation over the last 10 years includes new techniques such as baked snacks, and a return to traditional popcorn - with modern twists on flavors; all of which have fuelled developments. Our busy lifestyles mean there is a huge demand for small snacks in individual bags for consumption on the move. Such changes in a growing industry mean there is the demand for more coded information on retail ready packaging.

Large Character Machines are ideal for printing on retail ready packaging, such as boxes and shelf packaging, but if your machine is fiddly and hard to use, messy and demanding in terms of maintenance time, then read on...

Costs Associated With Secondary Packaging Coding

Coded information on secondary packaging may include data matrix, QR codes, branding or logos, as well as batch codes for traceability, and expiry date information. Printing this information onto labels is one solution for secondary packaging. However, the costs associated with this way of coding include preprinting, storage costs, and the cost of scrappage. Alternatively, by using a large character coder you can print on demand. Linx large character coders are reliable, and will cut out the costs associated with label printing by printing directly onto the box.

Excessive Downtime

Excessive downtime is damaging to profits in the US snack foods industry. As your production line may need to switch between batch runs frequently, downtime in between runs can be extremely costly. Messy, fiddly printers are often the cause of downtime, requiring cleaning and maintenance between runs.

With a Linx coder switching between batch runs can be done with ease, and with minimal downtime! Our large character coders eliminate unnecessary downtime as they require minimal cleaning and maintenance. What's more, thanks to their ease of set up, your business can save a great deal of time and money by switching codes quickly using our easy to use interfaces.

Downtime is further reduced by not having to read complicated manuals. Our coders include step-by-step message creation and editing, and on-screen prompts. Every minute it takes to set up a coder to print on a new product increases downtime and reduces profitability!

Cut Costs

For snack foods brands the need to produce stand-out secondary packaging is paramount as primary packaging becomes more cluttered. The solution is clear standardized logos and iconography, which are essential for brand reputation and can allow the secondary packaging to standout on the shelf.

The need for more printed information can be a challenge. These branded icons and logos must sit alongside traceability codes required by food product legislation. As well as the need for clear traceability information, the increasing need for more messaging on secondary packaging can be costly.
Linx coders which have multiple capabilities are able to print text, high quality graphics, and reliable 2D codes with one coder. This high definition printing onto boxes and cartons can make your products stand out on the shelf. One coder combining primary and secondary codes will offer maximum flexibility and cut costs.

Wrapping Up

Large character coders are the ideal solution for printing on to retail ready packaging and with a large character printer from Linx you can rely on coding that is clear and legible, and incurs no additional costs for labels and associated expenses. With a coder which is easy to use, as well as easy to maintain, downtime is minimal.
If you are thinking about switching to a direct printing machine, such as a large character coder, in order to print a range of codes, cut costs and minimize downtime, then get in contact here.