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Benefits of coders for solving Covid-19 challenges

Increasing production to cope with demand

Although many businesses are at a standstill, manufacturing of essential goods such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical and protective equipment are under increasing pressure to meet demand for their products. Most these products are subject to federal regulations for marking and identification, whether for expiration dates, supplier or material batch traceability.

The latest coding and marking equipment from Linx is designed to cope with high volumes of product marking and has many features to avoid downtime such as coding templates and automated date functions.

Our inkjet coders provide industry leading low levels of consumable use, ink tanks that can be replaced during coding avoiding any interruption to the line and our manufacturing quality standards ensure operational reliability.

 high speed coding on production lines

Improving cash flow through equipment leasing 

A coder is an essential part of the production line but manufactures need to keep their budgets tight during periods of economic uncertainty.

Our network of Linx distributors offer leasing to space out printer payments instead of forcing manufacturers to pay large upfront sums. Linx is committed to working with manufacturers to ensure that budgetary restrictions do not get in the way of keeping your production line equipped with critical and efficient coding and marking technology. 

Maintain social distancing for staff

Reduce manual interactions

Using coders to automate product marking has several benefits over a manual process, the most significant of these for social distancing is removing the need to have a person on the production line.

Modern coders can run for long periods without any direct interaction and can even be remotely managed or monitored.

However, before you can even start using a coder you might need help choosing the right machine for your needs, to see how they operate and to ensure it can be installed with minimal contact with the provider. Linx have already planned the entire purchase process to avoid as much as possible, any physical contact with our team.

automate product coding


With state restrictions in place, avoiding non-essential visits is critical for many manufacturers. 

Linx printers come with illustrated on-screen guides to walk users through setting up and servicing their technology, without the need for outside visitors entering production facilities. While Linx representatives are on hand for site-visits and maintenance, our collection of videos and service modules minimizes in-person human interaction. 

Remote access via PrinterNet

Linx PrinterNet keeps users connected to their printers without the need for visits to operating sites. 

There is no need to send additional workers to the production floor as PrinterNet's remote capabilities show real-time printer status, fluid levels, and technical issues on the screen of a phone or computer.

Remote printer diagnosis can be done through this software and our Linx Technical Support employees while removing costly and unnecessary visits to facilities well after lockdown periods end. 


Maintaining code quality through sanitizing processes

Many manufacturers have been required to implement more stringent sanitization for products or packaging after manual handling or before shipping to ensure that there is no opportunity for viral transmission.

Products that previously did not require disinfecting may now need to be sprayed to reduce risk of contamination with Covid-19 and these alcohol sprays can dissolve marks from traditional marking processes and slower drying inks.

Linx has a range of coding inks specifically designed to adhere to products or packaging in these difficult environments or alternatively our laser coders offer permanent marking capability, guaranteeing product identification throughout its lifetime.

 maintain code quality during sanitation