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Mano Pack

Chemicals blender and packer, Mano Pack installed a Linx 10 ink jet printer to apply quality codes to meet customer requirements.

Mano Pack offers contract liquid manufacturing, blending and packing services for household chemicals and cosmetics.

Mano Pack has two filling lines for a range of bottle sizes from 1.8 fl.oz to 176 fl.oz. The company needed to ensure a quality code for every bottle it produces, both to meet customers’ compliance regulations and also ensure the code complements individual branding requirements. With a wide variety of products, flexibility and ease of set-up were also vital, as was the printer’s ability to produce consistently good codes, in particular after a period  of inactivity. 

The Linx 10 was able to satisfy all these needs and Ben Martin, the owner of Mano Pack, says the functionality of the printer and the professional code it delivers make it extremely good value  for money. “When I found out the price of the Linx 10, it was a done deal,” he confirms. “It’s a nice package, with no compromises,  and flexible enough to cater for all my coding needs.”

The Linx 10 is producing one and two line codes, printing onto HDPE, PE and PET bottles. Another major benefit of the printer for these multi-product printing requirements is its integrated line speed sensor. This assesses the speed of the  conveyor and adjusts the speed of delivery of the code to match, ensuring that each code is printed in the right place. Fast and easy message setup is carried out via a color touch screen that includes image-based code selection to reduce coding errors and speed up product changeovers. The compact dimensions of the Linx 10 are a further benefit for Mano Pack, where space is limited, and they also mean the printer can be easily moved  if required.

“When I found out the price of the Linx 10, it was a done deal.” Ben Martin, Owner, Mano Pack

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