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New Laser Delivers Brand Protection, Quality and Productivity

The challenge of achieving the highest quality codes on ultra-fast bottling lines to maximize productivity is being met with the launch of a new laser marking solution from Linx Printing Technologies.

The Linx CSL60 laser offers a major technological breakthrough, combining a powerful processor and 60W laser tube with Linx’s unique Visicode® system to produce crisp, clear codes on difficult-to-mark materials such as glass and PET at high speeds. This enables beverage manufacturers to meet all compliance requirements and provides effective brand protection and enhancement.    

The laser incorporates a powerful processor that is able to relay messages from the control unit to the marking head very quickly, which ensures that line speeds are unaffected. As a result, up to 70,000 bottles per hour can be marked.

In addition, the Linx CSL60 supports production line efficiencies to help deliver Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). For example, the availability of complete IP65 protection for the controller and laser head means that a fully integrated system can now remain in situ during wash down to minimize downtime. 

Equally important, the Linx CSL60 offers 25 different head and lens options, providing over 16,000 combinations of lens, marking heads, and tubes. This provides the widest choice in the industry and gives the Linx CSL60 laser the flexibility to be tailored to a customer’s precise requirements. It also means that each laser is able to run at its optimum power level, which helps to extend the life of the equipment.

With the SHC150c head option, the Linx CSL60 offers a larger marking field than any comparable laser. This provides additional versatility for the marking of wide web applications such as flexible packaging and outer case coding, and coding of products across multiple lanes. This brings the advantage of requiring only one laser where previously two would have been needed, while still delivering clear codes even at small sizes.

The Linx CSL60 has been designed to be easy to install, even on lines where space is restricted, and to integrate with existing bottling or labelling equipment.  For operators, the proven LinxVision touch screen ensures quick and easy creation and selection of messages for reduced errors, faster setup and minimized downtime.  

As with all laser coders, the lack of consumables minimizes running costs and eliminates downtime for refilling or cleaning. In addition, the Linx CSL60’s air-cooled operation offers further cost efficiencies as no ancillary air cooling or factory air is required.

“In competitive beverage markets, meeting compliance requirements and ensuring your brand is fully protected are vital, but neither quality nor productivity can be sacrificed in achieving these,” comments Matt Eastham, Laser Business Manager, Linx Printing Technologies

“The Linx CSL60 has been specifically designed to satisfy these needs, combining the fastest speeds with superior quality codes.”