Budget’s too tight to mention?

Wherever you are located, there is no escaping the fact that nearly everything is increasing in price.  Energy, raw materials, labour, the list is endless.  That is why it is so important that in these challenging times, where your budgets are being asked to do more and more, you are not dealt a nasty surprise once you’ve purchased your new coding machine. 

This is where total cost of ownership (TCO) comes to the fore: you don’t want a well-priced marking unit to start, but with high hidden and additional costs breaking the budget further down the line.

Don’t take it at face value

Let’s take a car purchase for example – you know when you drive it away from the dealer that is not the end of your costs.  There are additional outlays to consider: fuel and/or electricity, road tax, servicing, not to mention unexpected breakdowns, tyres, insurance, and roadside assistance cover. 

The same can be said for an industrial printer purchase – it’s not just the machine price you need to consider, there are other costs too.  So, how can you work out your TCO over a printer’s lifetime to get the best value?  Well, at Linx we have that covered.  With our TCO calculators we can show you your TCO costs for continuous inkjet (CIJ), thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) and laser coders.  All you need to do is get in touch with us [link through to relevant contact page] and we will crunch the numbers so you can make the best choice. 

How you can help yourself

Let’s look at some of the ways you can save costs when purchasing a new marking machine.  If you are thinking about a CIJ, then find out: does the model you are considering have long service intervals and self-service as an option?  Take a look at the user-interface: is it intuitive?  How much training would be needed and is it set out in a logical way to minimise human error and keep costly re-work to an absolute minimum?

Don’t forget about consumables – at Linx our fast-drying 1240 ink for CIJ coders will support 40% of all applications, meaning less stock control for you.  Plus, the innovative upside-down ink cartridge design ensures you’ll use every drop.

In contrast, laser coders use no ink or solvents.  The robust design and tube life also gives Linx coders longevity, boosting output efficiency while keeping costs down.  If you are currently in a high production line utilisation factory or using a coder that consumes high volumes of ink, this could be an excellent option for you to consider.

Of course, other technologies are available from Linx offering cost saving benefits:

A helping hand

And don’t forget, it is essential nowadays to have remote assistance available, together with the ability to receive alerts and notifications in advance of when fluids need replenishing or printheads need cleaning.  All this is possible with Linx PrinterNet saving you time and money and most importantly, keeping your production line running and your budget on track.