Fourpure Brewing

Ink jet coding for beer cans

Linx printers are providing the ideal solution for the coding of both primary and secondary packaging at London-based brewery Fourpure Brewing Co.

Linx 8900 Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printer is printing three lines of code onto the base of aluminium cans. These are subsequently packed into boxes, onto which two Linx TJ725 Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printers apply product information text and a barcode. The Linx 8900 is currently running at 12,000 cans per hour, with the Linx TJ725 coding 20 boxes per minute.

“We particularly like the ease of use of the Linx 8900,” confirms Steve Morris, Fourpure’s Head of Packaging. “Changing fluids is really simple with the printer’s cartridge system, and setup and selection of codes are equally user-friendly.”

Fourpure Brewing Co is a family-run business founded in 2013. The company’s approach to exceptional brewing is focused on attention to detail, delivering innovation while staying true to the principles of brewing and respecting the four core beer ingredients – grain, yeast, hops and water – that were the inspiration behind its name.

“We are passionate about brewing,” concludes Steve Morris. “Our packaging has to reflect our premium image and that means everything about it down to the smallest detail of the codes is about quality”