The exceptional versatility and user-friendliness of a Linx CIJ printer is delivering increased efficiency and convenience for Glowcroft Contract Packing. 

At Glowcroft’s factory, their Linx 8900 Series CIJ Printer is moved around depending on where it is needed. Its outstanding versatility, combined with Linx Black fast-drying ink 1240, which is suitable for a wide range of coding applications, enables the printer to code in different positions onto a variety of pack formats including pouches, cartons, tubes, and buckets. Line speeds vary from five to fifty packs per minute, and the printer can produce of text, numbers, barcodes, and logos, adding to its flexibility.

 Further benefits that enable Glowcroft to maximize uptime include the Linx CIJ’s simple self-maintenance, with extended periods of time between services; its quick-change fluid cartridges, which allow minimal disruption to the line; and its simple smartphone-inspired screen, which makes operation faster than ever.

 Another key element is Linx PrinterNet. This service enables the company’s operators to monitor and remotely control their Linx printer via their smartphones or laptops, which also receive reminders about fluid changes or maintenance. This allows for optimal daily planning, faster reaction times, and maximised coding uptime.

“The Linx CIJ printer is the perfect coder for us.  Its ability to float around the factory, moving to wherever it is needed, is absolutely priceless – as is its capacity to work with so many different types of packaging.

 “The new PrinterNet  service is great too. I can get useful feedback on the printer just by checking my emails, and the simple to use dashboard shows me the real time status of the printer wherever I am in the factory.”

Duane Porter, Operations Manager, Glowcroft.