Linx launches new robust and simple to install laser coder

The Linx SL3 laser coder, ideal for coding dates, times, batch numbers, text, logos and 1D/2D barcodes and logos on a wide range of materials in a variety of manufacturing environments, is now available. Competitive on price, with no consumables, the laser coder operates without interconnections, so the risk of accidental damage to the cable between the power supply and laser is eliminated.

Available as a single unit, this flexible laser marking solution incorporates a 30W CO2 laser with an IP54 rated stainless steel and anodised aluminium enclosure, protecting it from water splashes.

With the ability to code up to a maximum marking speed of 360 meters per minute, the new laser complements the Linx proven existing range. With its two-year laser tube warranty, the coder ensures optimised production output and improved reliability.

Craig Briggs, Global Business Unit Manager at Linx said: “The launch of this new laser coder gives our customers an even wider choice when looking for an affordable, robust and simple to install coder, without compromising on the exceptionally high standards our customers expect from Linx. We are confident this coder will prove to be extremely popular, and its single box design makes it especially attractive”.

Weighing just 21kg, the single unit integrates easily onto production lines making it simple to install. The space required to house the coder, together with the installation time needed, are greatly reduced meaning less upheaval for already pressed production schedules.

Its multiple mounting positions and orientations, together with flexible user interface options including a choice of operating languages and password protection levels, means that you have total control of the laser.

Overall, this versatile, affordable coder is suited to a wide range of laser marking applications, marking on glass, card, plastic, coated metal and a variety of other materials, helping to ensure all regulatory coding requirements are met.

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