Printing on Extrusion Parts

At Linx we understand that coding and marking in the extrusion industry is highly challenging.  There’s no easy way to stop the production line if there is a technical difficulty without huge consequence for costly waste.  Add to this the harsh operating environments with possible heat and dust, and the task of minimising downtime is even more pressing. 

Solutions for printing on extruded materials  

Linx provides the complete printing solution.  We ensure our Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) coders are robust enough for the task at hand: with IP ratings up to IP65, our coders can operate in high temperatures and dusty environments.  Linx printers deliver excellent print quality and the wide range of inks provide exceptional adhesion, even at fast production speeds.  

You can be confident that if you use a laser coder with its permanent marking capability, or continuous inkjet, together with its inks giving excellent adhesion, you will meet the demands of the high-output extrusion industry. 

Linx extrusion printers offer versatile coding to include the printing of logos, text, and large codes for extrusions. Our products can deliver accurate code placement anywhere you need it, onto a range of substrates including extruded plastics, metal and rubber. 

Extrusion coding and marking printers

Linx printers can be mounted and moved to suit your production line requirements, delivering great codes on a wide range of extruded products We can help you to reduce waste, maximise production throughput and meet deadlines. 

Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers 

Linx’s efficient CIJ printers are easy to install and have the flexibility to be moved and mounted onto different production lines, so you can plan your schedule for maximum output.   

The range of CIJ coders come with large, intuitive user interfaces and colour touch screen functionality.  They are easy to set up, keeping human errors to a minimum and your re-work costs down.   

Laser Coders 

Depending on your choice of substrate, our laser technology could provide an alternative option for coding and marking.  The codes produced by the laser marking machines can be in a variety of sizes and do not suffer degradation through storage of the product.  And as no ink is involved, drying time is not an issue and the codes remain smudge-free.

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Extrusions Coding & Marking Solutions White Paper

Linx Contrasting Inks Datasheet

Special Adherence Inks Datasheet

Linx provides the complete printing solution

Linx PrinterNet

Linx’s PrinterNet remote monitoring gives you a 360 degree view of the status of your lines and throughput rates: 

  • Delivering notifications and alerts to prevent unnecessary stoppages or shutdowns and the resulting costly waste 
  • Providing diagnostics and swift resolution, usually without the need for an engineer to visit, keeping your production lines running smoothly 
  • Keeping track of KPIs in real time so that the plans and schedules can be adjusted accordingly.  The flexibility of the printers means you can move them to different lines as needed. 

Printing standout codes with our range of inks 

We understand you need outstanding codes, so Linx has developed a range of good contrast, good adhesion pigmented inks.   

  • We have a wide range of inks, in a variety of colors to suit your requirements. 
  • Our inks have fast drying times and great staying power so you can avoid smudges, wastage and costly reworks. 
  • Our inks are chemical-resistant and comply with current legislation to ensure they are safe for people and the environment. 
  • We work with you to deliver the complete printing solution, and can provide you with samples to test your setup. 

Cable and Wire

Code accurately using small characters for reliable traceability and product identification, even on fiber optic cables and wire. 

Marking onto Pipes

Our equipment is designed to work reliably in the harshest of production environments.

Printing onto Rubber

Linx offers expert adhesion printing precise code for long lasting product identification onto rubber extrusion parts.