Fertilizer Coding  

Easy-to-use and reliable in the harshest of manufacturing conditions, Linx industrial printers equip fertilizer manufacturers with an ideal coding solution. 

Fertilizers are produced in an extremely challenging environment. In such production spaces, dust, humidity, and extreme heat can have a damaging effect on production machinery such as coding printers. Linx’s range of IP-rated industrial printer technology provide an solution to fertilizer manufacturers. 

In addition, due to variations in price and regulations, any printed messages on fertilizer and agrochemical products tend to change. Linx’s range of products can handle these changes with superior flexibility and dependability.  

Coding on Fertilizer Bags 

The primary challenge in the fertilizer industry is to get prints on fertilizer bags and sacks which have diverse compositions such as plastic or woven materials.

Adhesion and durability are the most important criteria when selecting a marking solution. Linx printers have the features and inks to fulfill these tricky applications.

Printing on Fertilizer Bottles

Traditionally fertilizers are packed in bags, however, the recent demand for liquid fertilizers has led many new manufacturers to use bottles for their packaging.

Linx printers can print onto HDPE, PET, or glass bottles while offering superior print quality on rounded surfaces.

Coding on Fertilizer Labels 

Fertilizer manufacturers may rely on labels to place text, barcodes, and numbers on their primary and secondary packaging, oftentimes at fast operating speeds. 

Linx printers can code up to 6 lines of text, barcodes, symbols, and numbers while running at speeds up to 30ft/s which make them ideal printing companions to rapid winder-rewinder or direct filling machines. 

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Coders for Fertilizer Products

Learn more about our range of industrial printing machines. Our continuous ink jet, laser, and thermal transfer printers ensure that your coding requirements such as batch, date, barcodes, and logos are met. 

Discover our products below  

Linx 8900 Series

IP-rated printer options that prevent dust and heat from ruining code quality on fertilizer products. 

Linx Laser Printers

Robust, dynamic, and permanent coding solution for a wide-range of fertilizer packaging substrates.

Thermal Transfer

Designed to increased production output with quality coding on labels or flexible packaging.