Do you have the right coding and marking efficiency partner?

What is efficiency?

At Linx, we believe it is: using your resources (equipment, materials, time, energy and teams) in the most productive manner.  Put another way: it’s getting the most out of what you have, without having to spend more.

Why should you focus on efficiency?

With budgets being squeezed on all sides, staff recruitment and retention in difficulty, and operating in a LEAN environment, it is imperative that efficiency is maximised on all sides.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you’re producing, improved efficiency would make a difference to your bottom line and Linx is the perfect partner to provide this.

We at Linx split efficiency into three main topics and tackle each one in our products and services:

1. Availability  

Our priority is ensuring your coding and marking equipment is online and fully operational 24/7.

Remote monitoring gives a 360o view of the status of your Linx printers with PrinterNet™ even when you are not on the line, leading to enhanced uptime and greater productivity:

  • Delivering notifications and alerts to prevent unnecessary stoppages and unnecessary shutdowns
  • Providing diagnostics and swift resolution usually without the need for an engineer to visit
  • Keeping track of KPIs in real time so that plans and schedules can be adjusted accordingly

With reliability built in, our robust products reduce downtime.  Fast setup and changeovers at the end of production runs keeps the lines running smoothly. 

2. Throughput 

We are committed to optimising your speed and productivity.  We can target faster throughput using our innovative technology without compromising on quality:

  • Industry-leading sealed printhead stays cleaner for longer
  • Quick and clear laser marking at high speeds
  • PrinterNet™ remotely connects to monitor print count and assists in calculating production end time and changeovers
 3. Output Quality 

By ensuring top quality output from the start, the clearer codes result in fewer rejects and costly reworks later down the line.

All aspects work together to focus on quality.  From the easy-to-use UIs (user interfaces) to fully connected intuitive software, we meet the need to reduce instances of human error and minimise changeover time.

Why is Linx a good efficiency partner?

Linx has efficiency running through its veins. 

Linx’s industry-leading products deliver reliability year after year, and impressive connectivity enables remote monitoring and diagnosis.  You can be notified of issues in advance, giving you plenty of time for resolution without causing unnecessary stoppages.

At Linx, we actively promote efficient ways of working, and will partner with you to improve on the three key areas of availability, throughput and output quality.

Find out how Linx can help you improve your production efficiency by contacting us.