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A laser mark can be used as an important security feature to avoid the counterfeiting of your products.

Counterfeiting can be defined as illegally making something that imitates an authentic product. The best coding and marking solutions provide excellent protection against the counterfeiters and the robust, permanent and complex codes they produce are increasingly the best form of defence. 

We’ve all been there, at the end of the day starving hungry, rushing into a supermarket (remember the good old days!) and picking up something to eat.  Consumers may give a cursory glance at the best before date on the package, just to check that the item is safe to eat.  They give no thought, and why should they, as to how much research and development has gone into the ink di ...

2020 will go down in history as a challenging time for food producers. It is vital that food supplies to supermarkets and shops are uninterrupted and rigorous hygiene maintained – but we should not forget the importance of the printed information that is provided to the consumer when it is on the shelf. There are heavy fines for batch and date codes that do not meet the require ...

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