Patritti wines

Patritti Wines uses a Linx TJ725 Thermal Ink Jet printer for coding onto generic cartons containing wine bottles. The Australian company produces a series of small batch, top quality wines and juices. 

As well as the range under its own label, the winery also offers “buyer’s own brand”, where customers buy Patritti product, which Patritti then bottles and packages with the customer’s labels — including coding onto generic, customer-supplied cartons. Many of these customers export their juices and wines.

Because many “buyer’s own brand” customers export their juices and wines, coding quality needs to be high. Patritti Wines chose a Linx TJ725 Thermal Ink Jet printer, supplied by Linx distributor Matthews Australasia, to code onto generic cartons. The coder sits after the boxer on the production line.

Patritti Wines likes the ease of use of the Linx TJ725, plus the fact the coder didn’t need help from a service engineer or special installation tools, and set-up was minimal. Of all the coders they looked at, this one stood out for its simplicity and modern features (such as touch screen).

The TJ725 can run at far greater speeds than their current production capacity, which will allow them to pursue plans to expand and upgrade further facilities.