Mounted easily onto the production line, the Linx 10 Continuous Ink Jet printer provided the reliability, precision and fast printing speeds that Havanna required to meet customer demand.

“It has now been three years since we started our relationship with Factronics, we have been working with the Linx 10 Continuous Ink jet printer that they have provided us… What we used to do in one week, we are now able to complete in only two days, the advancement has been really important. We needed a solution for faster printing, and we found just that with Factronics”.

Jorge Amad, Havanna USA.

The Linx 10 Continuous Ink Jet printer has supercharged Havanna USA’s productivity. Orders can now be processed swiftly and accurately, exceeding customer expectations in the competitive American market.

The Linx 10 is unique because it combines simplicity, affordability and reliability, backed up by Linx world-renowned print technology.

Designed for single shift production, the Linx 10 continuous ink jet printer prints up to three lines of traceability information onto a wide range of packaging materials.

Its economical design reduces installation and running costs, and its robust construction provides long-lasting reliability and consistent performance.
Easy to operate with minimal manual intervention, the Linx 10 delivers hassle-free operation and prints clear and durable codes.

“It’s like being among family… The relationship has been very friendly, I met Jovan and Alejandro three years ago and since then they have been able to assist us with no problem. I feel very satisfied with Factronics and I believe we have a great relationship.”

Jorge Amad, Havanna USA

Factronics has 35 years of industry experience and their dedicated team are committed to simplifying the equipment procurement process for their customers; from initial consultation to implementation and ongoing support. Their mission is to provide customers not only with high-quality products but high quality people, prioritizing reliable service throughout the entire process.